Mike Wolfe's Big Pick

Mike Wolfe is known as an American picker. He's a TV star, author and entrepreneur.

But mostly, he'd tell you, he's an Indian Motorcycle enthusiast. He loves them for their history and heritage, and for their ride. His "best pick - ever" (and what got him in the business full time) was when he scored a treasure trove of Indians at a Pennsylvania farm.

Mike called the farmer about his classified ad, then drove 800 miles and slept in his van in the farmer's driveway. The next day, the farmer opened 2 barns revealing 10 vintage Indian motorcycles and tons of Indian parts. Mike Wolfe was in heaven on earth.

In his picking business, Mike encounters antiques of every kind. But his greatest picking passion is Indian Motorcycles. He collects them. Gets them running. And mostly, he rides. He loves dings, dents, scratches and rust. Forget cosmetics or fresh paint. Just ride. It's an Indian.

Indian is excited to be working with Mike Wolfe. He's going to help us relaunch this iconic brand with the passion it deserves. He is energized to ride with us into Indian's exciting next chapter.

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