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Infinite Highway Peg- Chrome

Stretch out and enjoy the open road from the seat of your IndianMotorcycle® with a set of Chrome Highway Pegs providing comfortableperches for your feet. These Highway Pegs let you customize theergonomics of your Indian Motorcycle because they can be attachedwherever you wish on the highway bars. Mount them low, near thefloorboards, or higher up on the bars. Plus, the mounts can be rotatedaround the bars during installation so the pegs can be set at the anglethat provides you with optimal road comfort. The chrome-plated mountsbolt securely to the highway bars, and the Highway Pegs are hinged sothey can be folded in when not in use, and then flipped out to hostyour boot when you’re cruising on your Indian Motorcycle. With themounts’ offset design, the pegs never restrict your feet while they’reon the motorcycle’s floorboards or operating the brake or shifter. Thedurable, grooved rubber covers of the pegs provide sure footing, andthey feature Indian Motorcycle script branding.
  • Color: Chrome mounts, black rubber peg covers
  • Material: Steel hardware with black rubber peg exterior
  • Installation: Easy bolt-on installation on highway bars(sold separately)
  • Includes: Two Chrome Highway Pegs and all mounting hardware
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Infinite Highway Pegs

The Gloss Black pegs can be attached wherever you wish on the Indian® Highway Bars; they let you customize the ergonomics to your own preferences. The mounts can be rotated around the bars during installation so the pegs can be set at the angle that provides optimal road comfort for your specific body build. Also, these Highway Pegs are hinged so they can be folded when not in use and then flipped out while you’re cruising down the road. With the mounts’ ofFSet design, the pegs never restrict your feet when using the rider floorboards or operating the brake or shifter. The durable, grooved rubber covers of the pegs provide sure footing, and they feature Indian Motorcycle® script branding.
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Indian Motorcycle® War Bonnet Chrome Floorboard Pad

Floorboards, which are commonly regarded as strictly utilitarian components, become stylish custom elements of your Indian Motorcycle® when you switch to a set of Chrome Floorboard Pads. They are direct replacements for the stock floorboards, and they feature a stylish top surface with a polished stainless steel inlay that adds a bright custom touch to the center section of the motorcycle. These floorboards feature Indian Motorcycle® War Bonnet icon branding and provide a rider’s feet with sure footing.
  • Color: Polished inlays on surface of floorboards
  • Material: Rubber and stainless steel
  • Installation: Directly replace stock floorboards using stock fasteners
  • Includes: Left and right Floorboard Pads
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Heated Grips

Add comfort for your hands on a chilly ride with heated grips. These grips have 10 heat settings so you can customize the level of warmth to your personal comfort level. These grips replace the stock grips.
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Rubber
  • Installation: Replace stock grips
  • Includes: Heat switch & grips
  • Comes factory installed on Roadmaster™
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Chrome Passenger Peg Support

To achieve a full chrome custom treatment on your Indian Motorcycle®, it’s essential that you add this Chrome passenger peg support. It provides a bright, premium Chrome to a mechanical element of your Indian Motorcycle® and coordinates perfectly with other chrome on the motorcycle, including the handsome Thunder Stroke™ 111 engine. Also available are additional chrome accessories such as the Chrome Caliper Covers (2879991-156, sold separately).
  • Color: Chrome
  • Material: Cast Aluminuml
  • Installation: Direct replacement for stock support
  • Includes: Set of Chrome Passenger Peg Support; no additional mounting hardware required
  • Recommended with: Chrome Caliper Covers (2879991-156, sold separately)
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Billet Pinnacle Passenger Floorboards

As you give your Indian Motorcycle® a complete custom treatment using Pinnacle Collection accessories, be sure to add these Chrome Passenger Floorboards. They provide the passenger with a comfortable footrest and add custom style that matches accessories such as the Chrome Driver Floorboards (sold separately). The top of the passenger floorboard has a grooved, high-traction rubber mat and a chrome center insert featuring Indian Motorcycle® branding. When the floorboards are not in use, they can be flipped up to show the chrome base that features the Indian Motorcycle® script logo. Adjustable Passenger Floorboard Mount required (sold separately).

• Forged aluminum construction with chrome-plated base cover with Indian Motorcycle® branding
• Floorboards install easily on Adjustable Passenger Floorboard Mount (required & sold separately)
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Indian Motorcycle Script Highway Peg

Give your Indian Motorcycle® a complete custom look with these Chrome Highway Bar/Passenger Pegs. They install easily in place of the stock pegs and give the Motorcycle® an integrated custom look. They can be installed on both the passenger pegs and highway bars pegs (bare and highway bar pegs sold separately).

• Pegs feature durable aluminum construction with premium chrome finish
• Pegs install in minutes in place of stock pegs
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Indian Motorcycle® Script Pegs

Give your Indian Motorcycle® a complete custom look with these Indian Motorcycle® Script Pegs. They install easily in place of the stock pegs and give the motorcycle an integrated custom look. They can be installed on both the passenger pegs mount and highway bars peg mounts (bare and highway bar pegs sold separately).
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Adjustable Passenger Floorboards

With a set of these Adjustable Passenger Floorboard Mounts you can install any of the passenger floorboards available for your Indian® Motorcycle®. (Floorboards sold separately.) These mounts install easily in place of the stock footpegs, and they can be set in any of three heights across a range of 2”. Position the floorboards in the location that is most comfortable for the passenger’s legs.

• Strong, secure mounts for available accessory passenger floorboards
• Mounts provide three positions for the floorboards to suit passenger preference
• Includes all required mounting hardware
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Passenger Floorboards

A passenger will enjoy a comfortable, stable perch with these Passenger Floorboards. They replace the stock footpegs and mount securely on the Adjustable Passenger Floorboard Mounts (required and sold separately). These floorboards feature a strong metal base and a grooved rubber top that provides a passenger’s feet with a comfortable foothold. The base is hinged so the floorboards can be flipped up when not in use.

• Stylish, comfortable floorboards provide a passenger with a secure perch for their feet
• Floorboards replace stock footpegs & provide a significantly larger space for feet
• Floorboards consist of strong metal base with grooved rubber top
• Base is hinged so floorboards can be flipped up when not in use
• Floorboards mount on Adjustable Passenger Floorboard Mounts (required & sold separately)
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Billet Driver Floorboards

These Billet driver Floorboards are practical and comfortable over the long haul, and they also add a complete custom treatment to your Indian Motorcycle®. The top of the Chrome Billet Rider Floorboards incorporate a grooved, high-traction rubber mat and a chrome center insert featuring an Indian Motorcycle® logo. You can easily round out the transformation by adding the complementary Chrome Billet Passenger Floorboards to create a matching set. Showing off your brand loyalty has never felt more comfortable.
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Passenger Pegs

Designed specifically for riders who favor solo cruising and a clean look. If your bike does not incorporate passenger pegs in its stock configuration this accessory Passenger Peg Kit will help fill that need to carry a passenger. This kit includes two pegs and mounts plus all installation hardware required, making this a simple bolt-on procedure. Add an accessory rear seat along with these pegs, and you're all set for that two-up ride.
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Material: Aluminum with powder-coated Flat Black finish, and rubber
  • Installation: Installs in standard passenger peg location
  • Includes: Passenger pegs, mounts and installation hardware
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War Bonnet Toe Peg

This Toe Peg adds a great looking accessory to your Indian Motorcycle®, and it accommodates riders who prefer toe shifting. This Toe Peg is easy to install as it attaches to the stock toe shifter in two integrated mounting points.
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Highway Bar Footrest

Add comfort and style to your motorcycle with Foot Rests for the Mustache Highway Bars. The foot rests are embossed with the Indian Motorcycle's script logo. These foot rests bolt right up to the horizontal flats on the shoulders of the Mustache Highway Bars to give another option that lets the rider stretch out and relax. With these rubber foot rests in place, you can ride down the road with a whole new level of ease and comfort.
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