Phone Mount Kit by Indian® Motorcycle

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Phone Mount Kit

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It’s easy to keep a smart phone securely within reach and in view with this phone mount. The base of the mounts attaches securely to the base of the Indian® Chieftain® fairing, or to the handlebars of other unfaired Indian Motorcycle® models. The smart phone fits into a hard plastic case that attaches securely to the base. The phone case twists into a locked position on the base, and its security is reinforced by magnetic connections that keep the case in place. The smart phone is conveniently close to the rider, and it is in view if the phone is being used as a GPS or to see reports of incoming or missed calls and other data. The base is branded with the Indian Motorcycle® logo and the phone case is Indian® Red. The phone case (Sold separately) can hold an iPhone® or standard-sized Galaxy (Android) units. Accessory cords are available (sold separately) that connect the phone to the USB port in the Indian® Chieftain® fairing.

• Durable, reliable phone mount holds a smart phone securely in place in front of rider
• Base attaches securely to Motorcycle® & case holding phone locks into base
• Case (Sold separately) twist-locks into base & is held in place by reinforcement magnets
• Base is branded with the Indian Motorcycle® logo & case is Indian Motorcycle® Red
• Case (Sold separately) is suitable for iPhone & Galaxy (Android) phones
• Accessory cords available (sold separately) to connect phone to USB port in the Indian® Chieftain® fairing
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