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2014-05-13 12:00:00 AM

Indian Motorcycle® Reminds You to Ride Safe

Though we Indian Motorcycle riders like to stand out from the crowd, we do so with the utmost respect for others and for ourselves. During Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, Indian Motorcycle reminds you to ride safe with the following tips.

Never operate a vehicle if you have been using alcohol or are otherwise impaired. 

Wear proper safety gear. Indian Motorcycle recommends DOT approved helmet, closed-toe shoes, eye protection, long pants, jacket, and riding gloves. You can view genuine Indian Motorcycle® riding gear here. 

Ride within your limits. Safely operate the vehicle with respect for the conditions and within your abilities.

Keep your machine well-maintained. Review owner and service information for your 2014 Indian® Chief® here. 

Follow all traffic laws and posted signs and markers.

Anticipate the unexpected. Looking for a motorcycle training course? View available courses from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation here. 

Promote a safe riding culture with your friends, family and community.


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