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2014-04-16 12:00:00 AM

Indian Motorcycle® Rider Story: Kevin Kuhner

Although I’ve only been riding since 2005, I have long admired and desired an Indian motorcycle. While they were previously unavailable to me due to lack of current production or cost, my passion for an Indian machine never wavered.

When Polaris announced they were buying the rights to the Indian name, I knew that my dreams would soon be answered.

When the amazing Thunder Stroke 111 was introduced at Daytona Bike Week 2013, the public knew immediately that Indian was back. Back for good, and with a purpose to produce a world-class machine worthy of the Indian name and tradition.

In July, I went to Indian Motorcycle of Northern New Jersey and put down a deposit on the newly-built but yet unseen Indian. My confidence was high in the ability of the Polaris design and manufacturing team to produce a quality machine.

In August, the new Indian motorcycles were revealed for the first time and with solid reviews. Two days later, I called my dealer and placed the order for a 2014 Indian Chief Vintage, in Indian Motorcycle Red. So began another long wait. In the meantime, I had opportunities to do demo rides at two dealers. The performance of the new Indians was so impressive; it only heightened the anticipation for the arrival of my own bike. It finally arrived about two months from the order date, and I picked it up as soon as possible.

My Indian Motorcycle has surprised and pleased me with its beauty, classic lines, high quality attention to detail, and most importantly, strong engine performance, handling and suspension. It has been a thoroughly satisfying ownership experience.

Indian Motorcycle is back and the future looks bright.


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