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Thunder Black Pearl
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Indian®  Chieftain® Thunder Black Pearl

Indian®  Chieftain® Black Pearl is rated 4.717465753424658 out of 5 by 584.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic Ride! I bought my Blue Chieftain from Ride Now Motorsports of Chandler on October 5th. I was their first Indian sale. In 2 weeks I had the 500 mile service done. This is the smoothest ridiing bike I have ever ridden. I have owned 5 Victorys from 04 to 2011. This bike overall is a better machine. In March I did 1000 mile IBA, The 1500 extreme IBA and the Coast to Coast IBA all in under 48 hrs on this bike. From San Deigeo to Jacksonville Florida. The next day I rode the bike to Daytona Bike Week. Indian was everywhere from Main street to the Speedway. Stayed in Daytona for 3 days then rode to New Orleans from there back to Glendale AZ total trip 5,678 miles.
Date published: 2014-05-28
Rated 5 out of 5 by from My Chieftaim is a True Thorobred Some bikes handle well, but lack power and storage. Some are powerful, but handle like a dump truck. My Chieftain represents the ultimate combination of awe-inspiring power and nimble handling. I have had it since last November, and after over 1500 miles, I am still amazed at how smooth and refined the Thunder Stroke 111 powerplant is, and how willing and able this bike is to carve up the twisties! It's not only the best bike I have ever owned, it is the best bike I have ever ridden. Thank you Polaris for bringing back Indian in a manner that makes old and new Indian owners smile!
Date published: 2014-03-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Indian for life I bought my 2015 Chieftain in August, 2015 from Indian of Ft Collins, Colorado. I now have 2800 miles on it. I just got the 2500 mile service and brake recall completed by Indian of Southern Colorado in Pueblo. Both dealerships have been nothing if not amazing. I ride in all weather short of ice. Most of riding is to work and day rides in the mountains. I use my bike for recreation and transportation. I typically ride anytime the temperature is above 30 degrees with no ice on the road. I traded in a 2002 Screaming Eagle Road King on my Chieftain. I have had a total of three HDs, one Excelsior Henderson, and several Japanese sport bikes. I have been riding for over 20 years. I am 5’11’’ with a 33” inseam, about 215lbs. I compared the Indian to the Street Glide, Road Glide, and Victory Cross Country. After trying to work with several HD dealerships on a trade and fair price, I was continually left disappointed at their desire for my business. I will say now I am no fan of HD after owning three and multiple dealership experiences, but I am also not a HD hater either. I wanted to be fair to the process and look at all my options. I believe I did that. I then moved on to the Cross Country because I am a huge fan of Polaris engineering and know the Victory line to be a very well engineered product. By proxy, Indian must be as well. Since most Victory dealerships in the area also sell Indian, it was easy to discuss both brands and bikes with sales teams. I found Indian of Ft Collins to be very interested in my business. I drove two hours, past two other Indian dealers to buy this bike. My initial impression of the motorcycle when I first rode it was, and remains, integral and easy. I just kept thinking of the word integral. Everything on this bike felt like it was designed at the same time with the other pieces in mind. It was as if all the engineers were in the same room when they designed it. Whereas HD always felt like the engineer teams were in other areas, designing things and then hanging them on the frame, not considering the other components. I have never had a “well put together” impression of any HD I’ve ever ridden. After the deal was done, I rode two hours home and probably shouldn’t have! I was distracted by everything on this bike. I had no problem keeping up with traffic on I-25 at 90 mph+. The bike had no vibrations, no strain, and therefore offered up a relaxing experience as it simply did everything I asked it to do. That is a trend with this bike. It always does everything I ask it to do, with no effort and no complaints. It is easy to live with. The wind protection is excellent from the fairing. The adjustable windshield is one of those things I would have never thought I needed until I had it. I lower it in town to get air and an unobstructed view and then raise it on the highway. It’s like having two bikes. The transmission is as good if not better than anyone else’s. Because of the power, I use sixth gear really only for 70mph or more. The powerband is flat and the torque is constant. If you are not in a gear too high, there is no need to downshift when you want to pass a car. I say “not in a gear too high” because after riding my last HD for 7 years, I was constantly trying to keep the RPMs low to make it more pleasurable to ride. However, this motor wants to be ridden and has no issue with the RPMs up high. The motor is silky smooth and the exhaust note is perfect from the stock exhaust. I’ll say it again, this bike wants to be ridden, not sat on and idled around town. I have gone on several day-long rides through the mountains and I will say this bike handles like no other cruiser I have ridden. The handling is completely neutral. Left right transitions and adjustments to your line while in a curve is no issue. Because of the sporty handling, I found myself running a gear too low, windshield all the way down, actually hanging off the bike through the turns. It is an exhilarating ride reminiscent of my younger days on sport bikes. It brought the fun back to motorcycling for me. With the wide powerband, I can leave the bike in 3rd gear and run 65 mph through turns without having to worry about shifting in and out of the turns. The brakes are excellent. I have no issue with them. I have not had to use the ABS yet. Ergonomically the bike has one issue that seems to be constant based on the forums I read; the seat. The fit and finish and style of the seat are amazing. It is a beautiful two-piece leather seat with tassels that can be removed. I recommend you remove them (more on that later). The passenger seat is wide and also beautiful. However, the shape of the seat and the firmness of the seat are curious, at best. After an hour (if I’m lucky) my backside forces me to start shifting around. I had a Mustang seat on my HD and I’ve compared the shape of the two and found that the Mustang had more of a bucket for me to sit in whereas the Indian seat just kind of rolls around. I don’t know how else to describe it. Some people seem to have no issue, but I’d prefer a more comfortable seat. I would buy a Mustang replacement, but I have $1500 tied up in backrest and sissybar that will not work with Mustang. I have decided to try to get my OEM seat reshaped more like a Mustang. My recommendation is to NOT buy the OEM backrest and sissybars until you are 100% confident you are staying with the OEM seats. Additionally, the seat traps heat from the motor in the summer and gets hot. This is one of my few complaints about the engineering and design. There is a cavity under the seat that captures all the hot air from the motor and pushes it up to the seat. I looked at my HD to see if it had the same issue and HD does not. There is a wall there that pushes the heat left and right from under the seat. Some people have taken to applying heat resistant backing on the bottom of the seat. I bought some, but have not put it on yet. I’m waiting to get it reshaped. Finally, the leather tassels look great on the seat when it’s sitting still, but once moving they beat the paint and mar it up. I recommend removing them if you can live without the tasseled look. Also, the flaps that come down with the concho on them rub the lids on the saddlebags. In no time, they wore holes in my paint. I applied some 3M clear bra material to the areas to try to save the rest of the paint in that area and it seems to be working. The Mustang seat does not have this issue. I have replaced the speakers with Polk Audio. The stock speakers were not getting it done for me. The PA speakers are an easy and immediate upgrade. Overall I really enjoy the radio and functionality of it. I have also added passenger floorboards, saddlebag protectors, and the fender tips along with the aforementioned driver and passenger backrests and luggage rack. I have done nothing to the engine or exhaust as honestly it doesn’t need it. I recommend riding the bike for a while before deciding to put pipes on it. This isn’t and HD that requires $2500 in performance upgrades to get it off the showroom floor. Put that money towards something else at the dealership. The stock 2015 Chieftain windshield is perfect for me. I do not feel I need a “flip” or tinted style of windshield. The bars are ok. They could be better, but I am not going to spend the money to change them. I would prefer a different bend and more pull back. If you are considering the Chieftain or even the Road Master I recommend you watch every review on Youtube and read every review online. I have noticed most of the reviewers are unfamiliar with the Indians because they have the bike delivered and get on it and go. They compare it to BMWs and HDs and all sorts of things. So take their recommendations/complaints/concerns with a grain of salt. It seems like the biggest expectation is the Indian will be like HD. It is not. Know this: the Indian is not a better HD. HD has its things that only HD does and people love them for that. Indian is not a better HD because it hits a completely different target. The Indian is more like BMW and Honda in my mind because of the engineering and quality. The motor does not shake the bike. In fact it is so smooth you almost can’t feel it running even when you are touching it! However, do not think the Indian has no personality or character like the non-US bikes. It has every bit the charm HD has, it just does it differently (better in my opinion). At any rate, there are several themes that will come through all the reviews: power, handling, fit and finish, elegance, style, heritage, and quality. I agree with all that. At the end of the day the most relevant question to me is, “Would you do it again?” My answer is yes and no. Yes I would buy an Indian again, but I think I would have put more effort into getting a Road Master. I love my Chieftain, but I think the Road Master is the way to go because of the bells and whistles (heated seat, tour pack, lowers). In fact, I would like to keep my Chieftain and buy a Road Master, but that makes no sense. So, when the time comes, I will trade up to a Road Master and be set. If you are considering a new bike and you are not a HD lifer, open your mind and experience the Indian. Is it perfect? No. No bike is perfect, but it may be perfect for you. I hope this review helps.
Date published: 2016-03-10
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Very Satisfied. 95% perfect. Would buy again! Bought on October 14, 2015 (almost winter). Got 1500 km in near freezing temperature. Now have 9000 km (June 1, 2016). Chieftain with almost all Roadmaster options (trunk, heated seat, heated grips, rear crash bars, passenger platforms, chrome accents, ...) Love the handling and power (still a bit less power than my Suzuki C109R, which I kept). Satisfied with leaning capabilities (better than my C109R, which I constantly do peg-grinding) Very comfortable (suspension much better than my C109R, but seat less comfy than my Mustang on the C109R). Have done several 500+ km day trips, and on 1000 km day trip. May switch to Corbin or Mustang seat in the future... Audio system is average. Bluetooth range was initially really bad (passenger was almost out-of-range), but Indian replaced Audio system under waranty, and new one much better. Speakers are bad (really bad distortion at volume 15/30, in almost any musical style). Replaced speakers with Polk Audio DB522, and much better. Love the look. no problem with chrome so far. But the paint top coat is not the best. Lots of smears already (more than on my 2010 C109R after 88,000 km). Support/knowledge at dealer is average. But thanks to mechanics manual + forums... I do all the work myself on my bikes anyway.
Date published: 2016-06-01
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Small personal touch Small personal touch in red for stand out me......
Date published: 2014-03-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A Dream Come True I demo rode a 2003 Indian Chief Roadmaster in Sturgis South Dakota, loved the ride but too expensive. I had other bikes until 2011 and bought a 2000 Indian Chief. Would still have it but in September 2014 demo rode the new Chieftain and 2 days later put a deposit down. Picked the bike up in March of this year and rode it mostly in the cold spring weather. The ride, looks, technology and that great engine is by far the best bike I ever had. The iconic history of the Indian bikes also is evident when onlookers gather around the Chieftain to admire and ask about it. It is a dream come true to own the new Indian Chieftain knowing it is here to stay.
Date published: 2014-05-28
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Awesome Chieftain Dark Horse w/o Bags I have owned HD's for 17 years and after one test ride I bought the Dark Horse the same day! I wanted the Chief but I needed the fairing. Considering the insane cost and labor of adding the stock front fairing, I just bought the Chieftain and removed the side bags (I won't sell them but I am getting a lot of $2k+ offers). I also removed the bag hardware and filled the gap with the Scout chrome replacement rear fender washers (Thx Polaris, for making your parts the same size). Now I have a very unique cruiser with a stock fairing! After adding a very small Indian pouch and Chrome one up rails this beast was ready for the road. I rode 500 easy miles the 1st day and did the oil change myself. I just hit the 2000 mile mark and I love this beast even more today than I did when I first bought it. The seat took some getting used to, but now it seems just right. It is summer in Texas and riding in 100+ degrees is normal. THIS THING PUTS OUT SOME HEAT! I read every review beforehand and I knew that the 111 Thunderstroke heat was a force to be reckoned with, but OMG! This is not a beast for standing in traffic! I think Polaris has made me a better employee; I get to work early and leave late to beat the traffic! LOL The power of this engine is EXACTLY what you have read about! The torque is amazing and it simply pulls in every gear. The best range is the 3k - 4k RPM and you can pass anyone at any time without downshifting. The suspension is perfect and the is no vibration at idle. The stock sound is impressive but not perfect. It has a deep rumble, but if you leave for work at 5AM you won't wake the neighbors. I may add some slip-ons next year. This bike is not cheap and you are going to pay top dollar for any accessory, but you will not be disappointed with the power, quality, craftsmanship or style of this American made beauty!
Date published: 2016-09-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Thoughtful design,the quality of form and function Proud owner of Chieftain #748. 3000 miles trouble free. Added a little custom paint to make my CA INJUN14 unique.
Date published: 2014-03-29
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