Passion For Speed

The Story

The Story

Passion runs deep in everything we do at Indian Motorcycle. Passion is what fueled Burt Munro’s dogged pursuit of a world land speed record. The determined New Zealander would not be denied, despite no funding or help from anyone but his own two hands. In 1967, and he and his heavily modified Indian Scout finally set a world record of 183.586 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The record still stands, and, in fact, the speed was corrected to 184.087 mph by the AMA in 2014This fall, a group of our engineers set out to do one thing, go fast. Fast forward almost 50 years and that same passion still flows in the veins of our engineers at Indian Motorcycle. Working late nights and weekends they prepped an Indian Scout and Indian Dark Horse to run at the land speed races in El Mirage, California in the fall of 2015 in search of their own land speed records. This is their story.


Episode 1 - Wayne

22 days until El Mirage: With less than a month to go before heading to El Mirage, Indian Motorcycle engineer Wayne Kolden continues to crank on his Scout build. Wayne has always been a motorhead – it’s how he was raised. He grew up working on bikes and that passion continues to fuel him at work and in his garage.

Episode 2 - Prepping the Scout

21 days until El Mirage: The group of Indian Motorcycle engineers digs in as time runs short and materials are delayed – but that’s racing. After all the work has been put in its time to see if the Scout starts so they can begin final preparations for the land speed run at El Mirage.

Episode 3 - Prepping the Dark Horse

19 days until El Mirage: The passion for speed runs deep in the Indian Motorcycle family. Now that the Scout is up and running, the team turns its focus to the Dark Horse. As the time ticks down to El Mirage, the guys bring in a few extra hands to help get the bike ready.

Episode 4 - Prepping the Dark Horse

With time running out Chet, Wayne, and the team run into some challenges with getting the Dark Horse ready to race. The crew races the clock to troubleshoot and get everything set for the desert.

Episode 5 - On the ground in El Mirage

It’s go time. The crew finally makes it to El Mirage and begin prepping the bikes to get through tech inspection. If they don’t pass inspection, the team will have to work through the night to make adjustments. All the long hours and late nights back home have led to this moment. Racing starts at first light.

Episode 6: First Run

Race Day. And we’re finally racing. All the long hours of work are put to the test as the crew get in their first runs at El Mirage. After they hit the finish line it’s time to make adjustments and prep for round two. Wayne and the Indian Scout made some gains over last spring’s run while Chet and the Dark Horse experience some first run challenges.

Episode 7: Mother Nature

Race Day. With the Dark Horse missing its speed goal the team buckles down to make changes. A welder four RV’s down lends a hand and the team works into the night to make the adjustments for the next day’s racing. As the team gets closer to the starting line, Mother Nature throws them a curve ball.

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