This bike is based on a second amendment theme, using inspiration from the Gadsden flag (aka "Don't Tread On Me") with a distressed black & yellow color scheme. It features the snake emblem on the bags in an reflective gunmetal grey, " Shall Not Be Infringed" lettering across the fairing, and a hint of the American flag on the saddlebag lids.
It also features a 21" copper wheel with thick spokes, chopped front fender, six shooter exhaust with Indian air intake, and highway bars with pegs.

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Followers Need Not Apply

No bike can make you a leader. But this one certainly sends a message. Powered by our formidable Thunder Stroke® ® 111 engine, and packed with features to keep everything-and everyone-in check. You’ve already earned the bragging rights. Own them. Be legendary.

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