Flashes of light seen in the sky during a discharge of atmospheric electricity—usually occurring during a thunderstorm or on a street near you.
This bike features an Arsenal Racecraft 119 CID Thunder & Lightning engine, custom heads, cylinders, cams, hand-built brakes, 6 degree rake, 4" wheelbase, carbon fiber wheels, hydrographic printing/painting, custom seat and more.
Heartfelt Thanks to: Will Wagner, Richie Ward, Jere Peterson, Arsenal Racecraft, Will Perry, Wayne Hagler, Andy Jay and Dan Moses.

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Followers Need Not Apply

No bike can make you a leader. But this one certainly sends a message. Powered by our formidable Thunder Stroke® ® 111 engine, and packed with features to keep everything-and everyone-in check. You’ve already earned the bragging rights. Own them. Be legendary.

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