Big Foot

The Name Says It All

Uwe Neuland, Germany

The name says it all: Obviously we derived our project`s name Big Foot from its 240 rear tyre on 18" rims. It particularly attracts attention due to the handmade fender by Michael Naumann who used much less sheet than was done for the original one. A lateral registration plate holder rounds the nice back view off. What else is special about the Big Foot? 3-piece bi-color wheels by Rick`s, who also contributed pulley and brake disc, blaze 3in1 indicators, a super bike handle bar. Last but not least the subtle visual refinement by Ingo Kruse`s paintwork makes the Big Foot a total artwork in itself. You may now ask yourself about the whereabouts of any Indian accessoires? Here they are: Levers, primary cover and pulley cover.

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