Raw Steel Scout

Flat Tracks of the 40's and 50's

Oklahoma City, OK, United States

Indian Motorcycle of Oklahoma City has built this bike to show respect and appreciation for the Indian Scouts and the riders that raced them on flat tracks in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Although this is a modern high performance motorcycle we have included many old school features such as the late 1940's Chief inspired, custom girder front end. This girder was hand fabricated by George at Spartan Frameworks in Tucson AZ. The beauty of this front end inspired us to fabricate a chrome moly hand shifter as well as other raw steel / riveted features for the bike. The steel features of this bike were done with waterjet by Chris Butler with granitesigns.com. The chocolate / tangerine with variegated gold leaf warbonnet inlayed paint was applied by Charles Armstrong of Auto Art by the Kid here in Oklahoma City. One of the other great finds is the Indian script tires from Coker Tires. These tires were made by Coker utilizing the actual molds that made the Indian Motorcycle tires back in the 1940s and 1950s. A special thank you to Nic Hawker who designed and engineered the chain drive system for the scout. Nic engineered this system for the late Indian Arts Dirt Drag Scout and was kind enough to let us use the design, which retains the rubber isolator, for our project scout. We hope you appreciate the hand fabrication efforts put into this project by everybody here at Indian Motorcycles of Oklahoma City (Thank You to Kevin, Joe, Brendon and Brad). Scott Conway, Indian Motorcycles of Oklahoma City

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