HotRod Heritage

Tribute to the HotRod Generation

Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Bavaria, Germany

The Indian Scout HOTROD HERITAGE underlines the coolness of the new Indian Scout and is a tribute to the heritage of the young and wild HotRod generation. We built the first new Scout sidecar combination in the world. Some small modifications give a closer look to the old times: high handlebar, bigger headlight, "invisible" flashers, leather grips, no reflectors. We used laced wheels with white wall tires, the sidecar wheel and brake is exactly the Scout rear wheel. We built a screwed 4-point connection subframe, covering all the forces into the sidecar frame. Everything is fully adjustable. The sidecar is handmade fibre glass on a steelframe. All the upholstery, the grips, the carpet and the luggage bottom is handmade and matching the design of the rider seat. The windscreen is an original Brooklands from the old Bentley Blower racecar. The luggage box is big enough for some sixpacks of beer and a second helmet for a girl you meet at night ... This sidecar combination is totally road legal and completely ready for registration in germany! Remember the strong TÜV and other strict laws here ... I like to thank: Flo Schweinberger fo hard and perfectly detailed metal work, Stefan Springer for fantastic upholstery and carpet work, Flo from Jekill & Hyde for helping us with the exhaust decision ? Bernie Peintner and the famous IWAN-BIKES Team!

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