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  • Add comfort for your hands on a chilly ride with heated grips. These grips have 10 heat settings so you can customize the level of warmth to your personal comfort level. These grips replace the stock grips.
    • Color: Black
    • Material: Rubber
    • Installation: Replace stock grips
    • Includes: Heat switch, harness, & grips
    • Comes factory installed on Roadmaster™
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  • Turns heads and add a touch of custom style to your ride with a 16" Ape Hanger Handlebar. Made from stainless steel with a gloss black finish, this handlebar directly replaces the stock handlebar. The handlebar provides the rider with a comfortable reach to the controls and won't stress the rider's arms.
    • Color: Gloss Black
    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Installation: Direct replacement for stock handlebar
    • Includes: Ape Hanger Handlebar. Extended clutch cable
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  • Install this Thunder Stroke® High Flow Air Cleaner to boost the performance of your Indian Motorcycle®, create more legroom on the left side of the engine, and enhance the style of the Thunder Stroke ® 111 V-Twin. This intake kit completely replaces the stock air box and gives the engine a 1” narrower profile on the left side. The “Big Sucker” intake lets the engine “inhale” more freely for a slight performance gain, and it enhances throttle response. The air filter element is removable and washable to ensure consistently outstanding performance. The gloss black air box cover adds great style and features the Indian Motorcycle® script logo and a machined perimeter.
    • Material: Billet aluminum outer cover; air filter has two layers of special synthetic media to block more dirt & wick more water than traditional filters; filter element is housed in stylish stainless steel jacket
    • Features: Downsized air box provides 1” narrower profile on left side
    • Installation: Dealer installation required
    • Includes: EFI re-calibration card
    • Compliance: Meets CARB emission requirements
    • Does not work with: 2015 Indian® Roadmaster™
    • Indian Motorcycle® performance kits are designated for racing applications; each kit is designated with a warning triangle to indicate the restrictions that may apply; consult Air Box Kit packaging to review potential regulatory penalties for inappropriate installations of this item.
    Important Regulatory Information
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  • Transform the appearance of your motorcycle by replacing the stock chrome fender trim front and rear with these Gloss Black pieces. With these easy-to-install parts in place, you've got a big jump on switching your bike over to a more subdued, blacked-out style.
    • Color: Gloss Black
    • Material: PVC
    • Installation: Installs in place of existing chrome fender trim
    • Includes: Front and rear fender trim pieces
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  • Designed specifically for riders who favor solo cruising and a clean look. If your bike does not incorporate passenger pegs in its stock configuration this accessory Passenger Peg Kit will help fill that need to carry a passenger. This kit includes two pegs and mounts plus all installation hardware required, making this a simple bolt-on procedure. Add an accessory rear seat along with these pegs, and you're all set for that two-up ride.
    • Color: Matte Black
    • Material: Aluminum with powder-coated Flat Black finish, and rubber
    • Installation: Installs in standard passenger peg location
    • Includes: Passenger pegs, mounts and installation hardware
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  • Quickly add a passenger to your motorcycle with the passenger seat. Made from durable, weather-resistant vinyl, this passenger seat installs in passenger seat location.
    • Color: Black
    • Material: Vinyl
    • Installation: Installs in passenger seat location
    • Includes: Seat and all mounting hardware
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  • Keep your cell phone right on hand with this convenient Cruiser Phone Mount Kit. This simple mount clamps onto the handlebars of all full-size Indian Motorcycle®. (Note: Indian® Scout ™ has smaller-diameter handlebars that are incompatible with this kit.) A durable powder-coated Gloss Black finish keeps this mount looking sharp as the miles roll by. Installation is a breeze; simply bolt it up and you're headed out with your phone within convenient reach.
    • Color: Gloss Black
    • Material: Aluminum with powder-coated Gloss Black finish
    • Installation: Clamps onto handlebars
    • Includes: Bracket and all necessary installation hardware
    • Recommended: Phone Cases: Galaxy® S3 (2880182), Galaxy® S4 (2880183), iPhone® 4 (2880181) and iPhone® 5 (2880180)
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  • The top section of each lower features an integrated cargo compartment that’s ideal for small items a rider wants to keep close and accessible. These compartments will hold gloves, caps, wallets, phones, snacks, glasses and much more.
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  • The Trunk Base is required for the Indian® Chieftain® Quick Release Trunk. It mounts directly onto trunk to allow for trunk installation on bike. It features Quick Release technology so riders can quickly remove their trunk in seconds withouth tools. The trunk base is made from durable steel material with a chrome finish.
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  • Indian® Scout™ riders can install an Extended Reach Handlebar to customize their ergonomics and riding comfort, and to elevate the high-performance style of their motorcycle. The handlebar features styling similar to a traditional drag bar, so it enhances the motorcycle’s high-performance style. It also positions the hand grips and upper controls slightly farther forward than the stock positions, well-suited for a rider with long arms and riders who prefer to lean forward as they ride.
    • Color: Polished stainless
    • Material: Steel
    • Features: Positions hand grips and upper controls 2” farther forward than the stock position
    • Installation: Dealer installation required
    • Recommended with: Extended Reach Foot Controls (2880238-650) & Genuine Leather Extended Reach Seat (2880240-05)
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  • A set of Extended Reach Foot Controls for the Indian® Scout™ provide extra comfort and reliable control for tall riders and riders who like to ride with their legs extended. These Extended Reach Foot Controls position the foot pegs and lower controls 2” farther forward than the stock locations. These aluminum components use the stock foot pegs, so they look like standard equipment while providing a rider with comfortable, customized ergonomics.
    • Material: Forged aluminum
    • Features: Positions foot pegs and lower controls 2” farther forward than stock locations
    • Installation: Mounts onto frame; dealer installation recommended; use stock foot pegs
    • Includes: Extended shift linkage
    • Not recommended with: Chrome Highway Bars (2880229-156)
    • Recommended with: Genuine Leather Extended Reach Seat (2880240-05; sold separately) & Extended Reach Handlebars (2880152-410; sold separately)
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  • The Desert Tan Extended Reach Seat provides comfortable seating and customized ergonomics for taller riders and riders who like to ride with their legs fully stretched out to the foot pegs and lower controls. The specially shaped cushioning in this seat elevates the rider to a higher seating position and sets the rider slightly 2” farther back than the stock seating location. As a result, the rider has an extended reach from the seat to the foot pegs and lower controls, which enhances comfort for riders who are taller or have longer legs.
    • Color: Desert Tan
    • Material: Premium Leather
    • Features: 2” back from stock position
    • Compatible with: Driver Backrest Support (2880231-156)
    • Recommended with: Extended Reach Foot Controls (2880238-650; sold separately) & Extended Reach Handlebar (2880152-410; sold separately)
    • Does not work with: Driver Backrest Support (2880231-156)
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