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  • Fish Tail Exhaust Tips
    It’s easy to give your Indian Motorcycle® a major infusion of custom style with a set of Fish Tail Exhaust Tips. These motorcycle exhaust tips fit on all Stage 1 Slip-On Exhaust pipes and feature timeless American cruiser motorcycle styling.
    • Color: Black

    • Material: Stamped Steel

    • Installation:Screw in place on Stage 1 Slip-On Exhaust pipes

    • Includes: Two Fish Tail Exhaust Tips & mounting hardware

    • Required, sold separately: Stage 1 Slip-On Exhaust Kit (2879768-266)

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  • Pinnacle Sissy Bar Luggage Rack
    Indian Motorcycle® riders can add convenient cargo carrying space in seconds with the addition of this Pinnacle Sissy Bar Luggage Rack. This strong, sturdy Luggage Rack bolts directly into designated mounting slots on the Quick Release Passenger Sissy Bar (sold separately).This rack provides riders with a remote yet convenient place to securely attach cargo, and it complements saddlebag storage for longer trips when riders want to carry extra gear.
    • Color: Black

    • Material: Tubular Steel

    • Features: Holds up to 7 lbs. of cargo; 11” x 9.5”

    • Installation: Bolts onto Passenger Sissy Bar (sold separately)

    • Includes: Luggage rack and two nuts for easy installation; all mounting hardware included

    • Required, sold separately: Quick Release Passenger Sissy Bar and Genuine Leather Passenger Backrest Pad
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  • Pinnacle One-Up Luggage Rack
    An Indian Motorcycle® rider can add convenient cargo carrying space quickly and easily by installing this One-Up Luggage Rack. This sturdy and strong Luggage Rack bolts directly onto the Indian Motorcycle® in place of the passenger seat. This rack provides a rider with a remote yet convenient place to securely attach cargo. It also gives the bike a classic one-up look and helps the rider proudly display the full metal fender while looking great without luggage. The slotted rack, which features Indian Motorcycle® script branding, offers countless tie-down locations so cargo can be secured in place, and it complements saddlebag storage for longer trips when a rider wants to carry extra gear.
    • Color: Black

    • Material: Steel

    • Features: Holds up to 7 lb. of cargo and was designed specifically for the Genuine Leather Messenger Bag; sold separately)

    • Installation: Bolts onto motorcycle in place of passenger seat; all mounting hardware included
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  • Beach Bar Handlebar - Polished
    Customize the ergonomics and enhance the classic style of your Indian® Chief® Classic or Indian® Chief® Vintage motorcycle with an Indian Motorcycle® Beach Bar Handlebar. These handlebars replace the stock bars and offer a wide, comfortable reach to the hand grips and controls. Beach Bar Handlebars represent time-honored Indian Motorcycle® style, and they continue the tradition of riders enjoying relaxed, comfortable ergonomics on the open road.
    • Color: Gloss Black

    • Material: Stainless Steel

    • Features: Wide, comfortable reach

    • Installation: Direct replacement for stock handlebars; Dealer installation recommended

    • Includes: Indian® Chief® Beach Bar

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  • Genuine Leather Messenger Bag
    Here is your new favorite version of a backpack or attaché case. Heritage Messenger Bag is stylish, practical, convenient, reliable and versatile. It features a handsome premium leather exterior and a formed interior cargo space that’s large enough for most popular-sized laptop computers. The cargo space has a plush fabric liner to protect the contents, and the lid of the bag closes securely to protect contents from the elements. For convenience, the bag has a carrying handle as well as a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. The exterior of the bag features Indian Motorcycle® icon branding. To transport the bag while riding your Indian Motorcycle®, the bag has strong metal clips that quickly and easily secure the messenger bag to the One-Up Luggage Rack (2879545-156; sold separately).
    • Color: Black

    • Material: Premium leather exterior and plush fabric liner

    • Features: Removable shoulder strap

    • Installation: Strong metal clips attach quickly and securely to One-Up Luggage Rack (2879545-156), sold separately

    • Includes: Black Premium Leather Messenger Bag with removable shoulder strap

    • Recommended with: On-Up Luggage Rack (2879545-156)

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  • Concho - Willow Green
    Complete the customizing of your Indian Motorcycle® by adding Willow Green Pinnacle Conchos to complement the color of your motorcycle as well as the other custom accessories you are adding. These Pinnacle Conchos feature polished Indian Motorcycle® script branding set against a black background, with bright chrome at the upper and lower edges of the circular Concho. These Pinnacle Conchos install easily on components including the motorcycle’s seats, saddlebags, handlebar bag, tool roll, and messenger bag (all accessories sold separately). Indian Motorcycle® riders can also add Willow Green Conchos to apparel such as leather jackets, leather vests, and more.
    • Color: Willow Green and Chrome

    • Material: Cast Zinc

    • Installation: Conchos mount using screws (provided); adhesive-backed felt patches cover screw heads to protect bodywork

    • Includes: Three black Conchos with screws and felt covers

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  • Quick Release Sissy Bar - Black
    Provide your passenger with a secure, comfortable backrest in just seconds by adding this 14” Tall Quick Release Passenger Sissy Bar to an Indian® Chief® Classic or Indian® Chief® Vintage motorcycle. This tall backrest positions the cushioned Genuine Leather Passenger Backrest Pad (sold separately) at about mid-back height on most average-height passengers, providing them with a strong, comfortable back to their seat. The backrest’s Quick Release technology lets you install or remove the entire backrest in seconds – without tools! Its slotted mounting brackets fit on the saddlebag brackets, and a locking lever secures the backrest to the Indian Motorcycle® to provide the passenger with confidence-inspiring support. The backrest adds versatility too, as it can be equipped with an accessory Pinnacle Sissy Bar Luggage Rack (sold separately) that makes it easy for riders to conveniently carry extra gear. The Genuine Leather Passenger Backrest Pad is sold separately so you can select the color and style that best suit your Indian Motorcycle®.
    • Color: Black

    • Material: Tubular Steel

    • Features: 14” Tall Height for Indian® Chief® Classic or Indian® Chief® Vintage

    • Installation: Quick Release technology; install/remove the backrest in seconds without tools; Mounting Spools (required, sold separately) install easily on the rear fender

    • Includes: Standard-height passenger backrest

    • Required, sold separately: Mounting Spools (2879740) for Chief® Classic; Genuine Leather Passenger Backrest Pad (2879666-02; 2879666-06)

    • Recommended with: Pinnacle Sissy Bar Luggage Rack(2879544-266)

    • Does not work with: Genuine Leather Heated Touring Seat (2880285-01, 2880285-02)

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  • Indian® Chief® Thunder Stroke® Stage 1 Slip-On Exhaust Kit
    Add the Stage 1 Slip-On Exhaust to an Indian® Chief® Classic or Indian® Chief® Vintage motorcycle and enjoy a rich, throaty exhaust note that provides the perfect soundtrack for the open road. This exhaust system allows the Thunder Stroke™ 111 motorcycle engine to breathe more freely and unleash additional power; especially enhanced mid-range torque and crisp throttle response. The exhaust note is deep and powerful, the proper voice for the powerful Indian Motorcycle® Thunder Stroke™ 111 Engine. Give your exhaust a custom look by adding your choice of chrome Fish Tail or Six Shooter exhaust tips (each sold separately), which can be rotated to the position of your choice.
    • Color: Black
    • Material: One-piece steel
    • Installation: Dealer installation required
    • Includes: EFI calibration by authorized Indian Motorcycle® dealer and Stage 1 slip-on exhaust pipes
    • Required, sold separately: A set of Fish Tail (2879532-266) or Six Shooter (2879530-266) exhaust tips
    • Compliance: This exhaust is SAE J2825 compliant; Certified to meet EPA & CARB emissions limits; 50 state emission compliant
    • Warranty: Does not void the factory warranty
    • Important Regulatory Information
    • Indian Motorcycle performance kits are designated for racing applications. Each kit is designated with a warning triangle to indicate the restrictions that may apply. Click on the appropriate item number below to review potential regulatory penalties for inappropriate installations of this item.

    Important Regulatory Information
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  • Low Wind Deflector
    Quick Release technology makes it easy for an Indian Motorcycle® rider to add the comfort and protection of this Low Tinted Wind Deflector to an Indian® Chief® Cruiser (may require installation of included Spool Kit). This stylish tinted wind deflector enhances the classic, custom cruiser look of the Indian Motorcycle®, and it delivers outstanding protection and convenience. It extends 6” lower than the standard-height windshield and is over 1.5” narrower, meaning riders of average height will look over this wind deflector instead of through it. It provides protection and comfort, blocking rain and road debris and deflecting wind around the riders for enhanced comfort during great days in the saddle.
    • Color: Tinted with matte black brackets

    • Material: Double-sided hard coat polycarbonate windshield

    • Features: Extends 6” lower and over 1.5” narrower than the standard-height windshield

    • Installation: Quick Release; may require installation of Spool Kit (included)

    • Includes: Low Tinted Windshield and Spool Kit for Indian Chief Dark Horse motorcycles

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  • Low Windshield
    Enhance your comfort and enjoy protection against the elements with a Quick Release Windshield. This strong double-sided hard coat polycarbonate windshield installs easily with mounting brackets directly on the forks. Install and remove the windshield, without tools, using Quick Release technology.
    • Color: Clear

    • Material: Double-sided hard coat polycarbonate

    • Installation: mounting brackets install directly on the forks and windshield installs on the mounts in seconds

    • Includes: Windshield, mounting brackets and installation hardware

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  • Fuel Gauge
    This analog-style Chrome Fuel Gauge comes complete with its own chromed cover and all installation hardware required to replace their stock fuel gauge.
    • Finish: Chrome

    • Material: Metal housing and cover feature bright chromed finish

    • Installation: Direct replacement for fuel gauge

    • Includes: Fuel gauge, chrome cover and installation hardware

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  • Genuine Leather Heated Driving Seat
    This Genuine Leather Heated Seat includes adjustable heating so a rider can extend the riding season in comfort. The heat is adjustable and easy to control with the left hand while seated on the Indian Motorcycle®.
    • Color: Black

    • Material: Genuine Leather Seat

    • Installation: Replaces the stock seat; heating element plugs into the Indian Motorcycle® wiring harness

    • Includes: Comfortable studded leather seat and integrated heating element Hi/Lo/Off heat control is easily accessible under the left side of the seat

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