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3/26/2014 12:00:00 AM

Indian Motorcycle® Rider Story: Randall Love

2013 marks my 50th year as a motorcyclist. I have owned nearly every brand of motorcycle ever made. In 2012, I purchased a Victory Cross Country Tour. I am very impressed with my Victory. I call it, "My Storm Trooper!" 

In August of 2013, I rode the Victory to Sturgis for the big rally. That's where I test rode a 2014 Indian Chieftain. The bike blew me away. I was very excited about the ride, the concept and the fit and finish of the Indian. I couldn't get that test ride out of my head. Upon returning home to California, I immediately ordered a Chieftain from Indian Motorcycle of Fresno. My bike arrived in early October. I was lucky enough to get a commemorative, numbered edition in Indian Motorcycle red. Parked in my garage is Chieftain number 738 of 1901.

When I picked up the bike, I rode to Paso Robles to see an old friend who owns a 350 acre ranch in wine country. I stayed at the ranch two nights taking day rides through the rolling hills, past the winery's, cattle ranches and over the coastal mountains to the Pacific Coast Highway.

Everything I commanded the Chieftain to do put a smile on my face. It's agile, responsive and quick. The stock sound is deep and throaty and filled the hills with the music of tribal thunder.

When I returned to the dealership for the break-in service, I told the owners that for the first time in 50 years, I have finally ridden a motorcycle that is perfect right out of the showroom. It's like someone read my mind and got everything I've ever wanted right the first time. There is nothing I would change about the way this motorcycle performs.

Naturally, I am ordering a ton of OEM Indian Motorcycle accessories to personalize the machine but it runs, sounds and rides better than any bike that has come before it.

Polaris has really knocked it out of the park with this American icon and I know that Indian is finally here to stay. Ps...I didn't trade my Victory in for the Indian, I'm keeping BOTH!


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