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Article No2880229-156

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Chrome Highway Bars

389,99 $
Entrant mai aaaa

Ce produit est en production et sera bientôt mis en vente.

Article No2880229-156

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Infos sur le produit
A set of Highway Bars provides the Indian® Scout™ with added style, a solid perch on which highway pegs can be mounted to enhance rider comfort, and low-speed tip-over protection. These strong, durable Highway Bars feature a bright chrome finish and are easy to install. A set of Chrome Highway Pegs (2879572-156; sold separately) can be mounted on the Highway Bars so the driver can stretch out his legs for extra comfort.

• Highway Bars provide style, a mounting point for highway pegs & low-speed tip-over protection
• Highway Bars feature strong, durable steel construction with premium chrome finish
• Includes left and right side Highway Bars & mounting hardware
• Highway Bars bolt onto frame quickly & easily
• In stationary & low-speed tip-overs, Highway Bars are designed to serve as the primary contact point with the ground instead of handlebars or bodywork
• Adjustable Chrome Highway Pegs (2879572-156; sold separately) can be mounted on Highway Bars to provide rider with comfortable, alternative locations for foot placement
• Fits Indian® Scout™