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  • Highway Bars, Chrome
    Add classic American cruiser motorcycle style – and the practicality oftip-over protection – by installing a set of Highway Bars on yourIndian® Chief® Classic. These are strong, durable bars with apremium-quality Chrome and they mount directly to the IndianMotorcycle® frame. They provide protection in the event of a low-speedor stationary tip-over, and enhance the motorcycle’s style. They can beequipped with accessory Highway Pegs (2879572; sold separately) thatprovide a rider with enhanced comfort while cruising. Accessory RearHighway Bars (2879582-156; sold separately) are the ideal complement tothese front highway bars.
    • Color: Chrome
    • Material: Steel
    • Installation: Bars bolt to frame easily with providedfasteners
    • Includes: Highway bars and mounting hardware
    • Also available: Rear Highway Bars (2879582-156; soldseparately)
  • Rear Highway Bars
    Add classic chrome style to your Indian Motorcycle® with a set of RearHighway Bars. They look great with or without saddlebags and help givethe motorcycle a classic American motorcycle look while providing addedprotection. These bars feature a premium-quality Chrome that adds abright custom treatment to the rear wheel area of your motorcycle.These bars mount directly to the Indian Motorcycle® frame and are theideal complements to the accessory Front Highway Bars (2879581-156;sold separately).
    • Color: Chrome
    • Material: Steel
    • Installation: Bars bolt to frame easily with providedfasteners
    • Includes: Dual highway bars and mounting hardware
    • Also available: Front Highway Bars (2879581-156; soldseparately)
  • Chrome Highway Bars
    A set of Highway Bars provides the Indian® Scout™ with added style, a solid perch on which highway pegs can be mounted to enhance rider comfort, and low-speed tip-over protection. These strong, durable Highway Bars feature a bright chrome finish and are easy to install. A set of Chrome Highway Pegs (2879572-156; sold separately) can be mounted on the Highway Bars so the driver can stretch out his legs for extra comfort.

    • Highway Bars provide style, a mounting point for highway pegs & low-speed tip-over protection
    • Highway Bars feature strong, durable steel construction with premium chrome finish
    • Includes left and right side Highway Bars & mounting hardware
    • Highway Bars bolt onto frame quickly & easily
    • In stationary & low-speed tip-overs, Highway Bars are designed to serve as the primary contact point with the ground instead of handlebars or bodywork
    • Adjustable Chrome Highway Pegs (2879572-156; sold separately) can be mounted on Highway Bars to provide rider with comfortable, alternative locations for foot placement
    • Fits Indian® Scout™
  • Mustache Highway Bars
    With these Chrome Lower Fairing Highway Bars installed, an Indian Motorcycle® rider can add a set of Lower Fairings (sold separately) that offer front-end airflow control and provide convenient cargo space. These Highway Bars bolt onto the Motorcycle® frame and provide reliable tipover protection.

    • Strong, reliable steel construction with a premium chrome finish
    • Highway Bars bolt securely to Motorcycle® frame
    • Bars provide reliable tipover protection
    • Bars serve as the mounting points for Lower Fairings (sold separately)
    • Bars can be used on the Motorcycle® with or without Lower Fairings