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Indian Chief Half Cover Large 2861040-01
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Article No2861040-01

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Indian Chief Half Cover Large

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Article No2861040-01

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Infos sur le produit
Keep the seats, passenger backrest and back half of an Indian Motorcycle clean, protected and looking great between rides with this Large Half Cover. This cover fits on an Indian Chief Classic or Indian Chief Vintage, and it extends over the leather seats, rear fender – and saddlebags and passenger backrest, if the motorcycle is so equipped. It is built to provide reliable protection from inclement weather and hot sunlight so the driver and passenger are ensured of clean, dry seats when they resume riding. This cover goes on and off the bike easily, so you’ll use it after every ride.

MATERIAL: Lightweight polyester with stretch elastic around the bottom for a great fit and reliable protection.
FITS: Custom fits all 2014 and newer Indian Chief Classic and Indian Chief Vintage models.
BRAND LOGOS: The premium-quality, silk-screened Indian Motorcycle logo adds style and brand pride, and clarifies cover positioning.
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Covers and protects the seats and rear fender, and the saddlebags and passenger backrest if so equipped. Folds into a compact size for easy storage in a saddlebag. Integrated straps extend over the passenger foot pegs to ensure a reliable fit and proper coverage.