Heritage Black Leather Rear Highway Bar Bag by Indian® Motorcycle

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Heritage Leather Rear Highway Bar Bag, Black

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This Black Tipover Bar Bag provides an outstanding combination of convenient storage and enhanced style. This bag attaches easily to the rear tipover protection bar on the left side of an Indian® Motorcycle®, and it provides versatile storage space for small items such as gloves, caps, maps, phones, wallets, and much more. Velcro® strips hold the lid of the bag securely closed so cargo is safe inside while riding. Attached to the outside of the bag is a leather bottle holder that keeps a water bottle-sized container conveniently close, and is removable so a rider can take it along when leaving the Motorcycle®. This bag makes innovative use of space near the rider and passenger, and its premium black leather construction complements the look of the Motorcycle®’s black leather seats.

• Enjoy convenient, innovative, secure & versatile extra storage space adjacent to the seats
• Bag’s premium black leather construction complements Motorcycle®’s black leather seats
• Bag attaches securely to the left-side rear tipover bar
• Bag is ideal for holding small items while riding
• Velcro® strips hold the bag lid shut so cargo is secure and protected from weather while riding
• Leather water bottle holder on outside of the bag holds a bottle
• Water bottle holder can be removed & used away from Motorcycle®
• Bag has embossed Indian Motorcycle® logo
Taille Poitrine Taille Manche Codes de taille
TRÈS PETIT (TP) 30-32 24-26 32 01
PETIT (P) 34-36 28-30 33 02
MOYEN 38-40 32-34 34 03
MOYEN TAILLE LONGUE (MTL) 42-44 32-34 35 1/2 05
GRAND (G) 42-44 36-38 35 06
GRAND TAILLE LONGUE (GTL) 46-48 36-38 36 1/2 08
TRÈS GRAND (TG) 46-48 40-42 36 09
TRÈS GRAND TAILLE LONGUE (TGTL) 46-48 40-42 37 1/2 11
TRÈS TRÈS GRAND (2TG) 50-52 44-46 37 12
TRÈS TRÈS GRANDE TAILLE LONGUE (2TGTL) 50-52 44-46 38 1/2 13
TRÈS TRÈS TRÈS GRAND (3TG) 50-52 48-50 37 1/2 14
Hommes de taille régulière : 1,72 m (5 pi 8 po) à 1,8 m (6 pi); de grande taille : 1,8 m (6 pi) à 1,9 m (6 pi 4 po)