Find the Indian Motorcycle that is right for you by getting away for a weekend, on us

Indian Motorcycle knows a ride around the block just doesn’t cut it when it comes to test rides. Find out which Indian fits you best by spending two days riding the highways, byways and backroads of Australia.

Book a Weekend Escape with your local Indian Motorcycle Dealer, we will give you a tank of fuel and a $150 hotel voucher*.

Indian® Scout® Bobber
Indian® Scout®
Indian® Chief Dark Horse®
Indian® Chief® Classic
Indian® Chief® Vintage
Indian Springfield® Dark Horse®
Indian Springfield®
Indian® Chieftain Dark Horse®
Indian® Chieftain® Classic
Indian® Chieftain® Limited
Indian® Roadmaster® Classic
Indian® Roadmaster®
Indian® Roadmaster® Elite
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Due to California emissions regulations, additional costs may apply when licensing a motorcycle in California.
*Accommodation is nominated by Indian Motorcycle.