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Indian Motorcycle Protection Plan Cancellation

Requesting Cancellation
Indian Motorcycle Protection Plans can be canceled at any time. Refunding amounts and methods will vary by state, length of time the Protection Plan has been active, and if a claim has been filed. There is a $25 cancellation fee. For general questions on refund amounts, please refer to the "Cancellation of Your Agreement" section of your contract, or contact us at 877-472-1372

If you purchased your Protection Plan from a dealer, please contact your dealer to cancel your plan.

The plan will be canceled and a refund will be issued in seven to 10 days. If you paid by credit card, you will have the credit issued to the original card. If you paid by check, you will have a check issued to you.

If your next scheduled FlexPay is within 10 days of this cancellation request, due to FlexPay processing time and cancellation processing time, we recommend the contract be canceled after your next payment. We can process the cancellation request but cannot guarantee the next payment will not be processed.

Cancellation Due to Non-Payment
Indian Motorcycle Protection Plans can also be canceled for non-payment. If there is an issue with FlexPay payment, we will contact you by email and request you contact Consumer Service to update your credit card information.

If you contact Consumer Service and update your credit card information, your profile will be updated and the following FlexPay payments will be billed as normal, but if you don't update your credit card information, the plan will be canceled for non-payment. If a plan is canceled for non-payment, you will be refunded the unearned amount of the plan.

Visit or call 877-472-1372 for more information. 

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