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Smart Lean Technology

The Indian Motorcycle Challenger features Smart Lean Technology. Here are some of the key features of Smart Lean Technology.

6-Axis Bosch Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU): Measures lean angles and acceleration, used to tune traction control and anti-lock brake system intervention.

Dynamic traction control: Utilizes the on-board IMU and wheel speed sensors to deliver maximum power to the road. In a straight line, the dynamic traction control monitors wheel slip and limits torque application to match allowable wheel spin in each ride mode.

Anti-lock brake system: Monitors for wheel slip before relieving brake pressure.

Cornering control: When combined with dynamic traction control and ABS, will optimize torque delivery and brake pressure based on lean angle to improve bike stability while leaned, further enhancing the cornering safety and performance.

Drag Torque Control (DTC): Reduces excessive rear-wheel slip when making a quick down-shift or decelerating rapidly. When DTC detects too much rear wheel slippage, it works by adjusting engine torque delivery, matching rear-wheel speed to road speed.

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