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Interested in a bike steeped in tradition with unparalleled performance? Contact your local Indian dealer for current product availability and pricing.


  • Indian Scout Bobber
    Indian Scout Bobber
    Starting at$10,999US MSRP
  • Indian FTR 1200
    Indian FTR 1200
    Starting at$11,499US MSRP
  • Indian Scout
    Indian Scout
    Starting at$11,499US MSRP
  • Indian Scout Bobber Twenty
    Indian Scout Bobber Twenty
    Starting at$11,999US MSRP
  • Indian FTR Rally
    Indian FTR Rally
    Starting at$13,499US MSRP
  • Indian FTR 1200 S
    Indian FTR 1200 S
    Starting at$13,999US MSRP
  • Indian Scout 100th Anniversary
    Indian Scout 100th Anniversary
    Starting at$15,999US MSRP
  • Indian Chief Dark Horse
    Indian Chief Dark Horse
    Starting at$18,499US MSRP
  • Indian Chief Vintage
    Indian Chief Vintage
    Starting at$19,999US MSRP
  • Indian Springfield
    Indian Springfield
    Starting at$20,999US MSRP
  • Indian Challenger
    Indian Challenger
    Starting at$21,999US MSRP
  • Indian Chieftain
    Indian Chieftain
    Starting at$21,999US MSRP
  • Indian Springfield Dark Horse
    Indian Springfield Dark Horse
    Starting at$22,499US MSRP
  • Indian Chieftain Classic
    Indian Chieftain Classic
    Starting at$25,999US MSRP
  • Indian Challenger Dark Horse
    Indian Challenger Dark Horse
    Starting at$27,499US MSRP
  • Indian Challenger Limited
    Indian Challenger Limited
    Starting at$27,999US MSRP
  • Indian Chieftain Dark Horse
    Indian Chieftain Dark Horse
    Starting at$27,999US MSRP
  • Indian Chieftain Limited
    Indian Chieftain Limited
    Starting at$27,999US MSRP
  • Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse
    Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse
    Starting at$28,999US MSRP
  • Indian Roadmaster
    Indian Roadmaster
    Starting at$29,999US MSRP
  • Indian Chieftain Elite
    Indian Chieftain Elite
    Starting at$34,999US MSRP
  • Indian Roadmaster Elite
    Indian Roadmaster Elite
    Starting at$38,999US MSRP
  • Indian Scout Bobber Sixty
    Indian Scout Bobber Sixty
    Starting at$8,999US MSRP
  • Indian Scout Sixty
    Indian Scout Sixty
    Starting at$8,999US MSRP
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