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Reduced Reach Handlebar - Polished Stainless

Numéro d’article 2882919-410
269,99 $ CAD

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Description du produit

Customize the ergonomics and enjoy a reduced reach to the upper controls with this Pull Back Handlebar. An authentic Indian Motorcycle® Accessory, this strong steel bar installs in place of the stock bar. These motorcycle handlebars position the handgrips and upper controls 2” closer to the driver, reducing the reach to the controls, which can provide a confidence-inspiring enhanced command of the bike’s controls. The reduced reach can also provide a rider with greater long-riding comfort for a more enjoyable riding experience.


Handlebar heights are regulated by state and local laws. Accessory handlebars may not be legal in all areas or for all riders. Check state and local regulations. Follow all installation instructions to ensure that the handlebars are securely in place and are appropriate for rider size, control, and visibility.



Couleur Polished Stainless
Facilité d’installation Hard
Soin et nettoyage Please see your Indian Motorcycle® Rider's Manual for specific cleaning and maintenance instructions.
Garantie 1 Year From Date of Purchase

Instructions de la trousse

California residents: WARNING