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Cochera personalizada de Indian Motorcycle


Indian Motorcycle presents FORGED. An epic series of the best builders in the industry taking on the factory-built Sport Chief and turning it into the baddest custom cruisers from coast to coast. Following along with FMX icon Carey Hart, this series takes you behind the scenes of each build from concept to creation, where artists have FORGED passion and craftsmanship to bring their design to life.


Go behind the scenes of Yanivs shop and how he approaches customizing the Indian Sport Chief, from cutting down the tank, changing the ride positioning, updating suspension, and minimizing spokes on the wheels. This custom will be a detailed masterpiece from a builder who is an expert and legend in west coast style. 

The RT-4/13 Custom Indian Chief

A unique collaboration with Dice Magazine has brought this one-of-a-kind custom, Chief to life. Fabricated in two separate stages with Noise Cycles out of Nashville, TN, and Zach Hindes, the lead fabricator at Joe Gibbs Racing out of Charlotte, NC, the RT four-thirteen was crafted with inspiration from a 1970 race bike. Modifying existing pieces and many hand-fabricated parts have made this road and race machine work as it should and look incredible

Carey Hart


Carey Hart is a SX racer-turned FMX icon that inspired a generation of riders with his all-or-nothing style. Today, he brings the same fearless, boundary-breaking mentality that marked his motocross career, to the performance-inspired V-twin beasts he builds for the street.



Established in 2002 by Yaniv Evan, Powerplant has quickly become one of the most well-known custom motorcycle builders in Los Angeles. His attention to detail has earned him various high-profile clients and made his shop a true Hollywood icon. Now he brings his talents to customizing his first factory Indian Motorcycle.



Jake and Doug Cutler have built their business, Barnstorm, on the back of customizing American V-twins. With a very talented and diverse team of employees, they deliver motorcycle service, parts, and accessory needs in-house. Together they have years of experience working on various custom motorcycles and helping clients realize their motorcycle dreams.


Motorcycle culture has always been about self-expression. From the bobbers of the ‘50s and '60s, straight through to the bare-bones choppers of the '70s. These bikes were the ultimate expressions of personal identity; handcrafted in steel with one-of-a-kind custom touches and eye-popping paint.

The reimagined Indian Chief models pay homage to that simpler time and individualism, providing the perfect canvas for self-expression. The flowing lines of its steel-tube frame and lean, mean aesthetic beg you to personalize it, however, the spirit moves you.

Inspiration by design. The rest is up to you. Make it your own.

A true reflection of style and creativity

Living proof that even the wildest ideas can become reality. Check out additional builds by some of the best custom motorcycle builders around.


Chieftain Dark Horse personalizada por Carey Hart

Appaloosa v2.0

Scout personalizada por Brice Hennebert

Hasty Flaming Buffalo

Scout Bobber personalizada por Luuc Muis

Previous Custom Projects and Partnerships

Los constructores de todo el mundo han mostrado su artesanía en concursos, eventos benéficos o simplemente por diversión. Echa un vistazo a algunos trabajos personalizados que se han producido a lo largo de los años.

Proyecto Scout

Proyecto Chieftain

Artist Series

Inspirados en Líneas Fluidas y Diseño Legendario. Acero y Tinta se Combinan.

Conoce los Nuevos Modelos Indian Motorcycle Para Configurar Una Propia

Conoce los Nuevos Modelos Indian Motorcycle Para Configurar Una Propia