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2019+ FTR Drive Chain Maintenance

The Indian Motorcycle FTR 1200 is equipped with a chain drive system. Proper care and maintenance of the chain drive system ensures its performance is optimized over its lifespan. Failure to properly maintain the chain drive system can result in premature wear, excessive noise and reduced efficiency.

Proper cleaning will maximize the service life of your FTR 1200 drive chain and sprocket. It also will minimize drive line noise. Clean your chain as often as you change tires or more often if your motorcycle is operated in dirty, dusty or high-debris environments.

Clean the chain using a chain brush or clean rag to remove any dirt or grit. Indian Motorcycle recommends the chain be lubricated using Indian Motorcycle chain lube (part number 2884172). Always have the motorcycle off and the transmission in neutral when performing this procedure. Do not use a de-greaser to clean the chain. De-greaser may damage the chain O-rings and cause premature wear.

Washing the drive chain with a high-pressure washer or solvents can cause premature wear and chain failure. Do not use a high-pressure washer or gasoline to clean the drive chain. Operating the motorcycle with improper drive chain deflection can result in severe damage to the transmission and drive components. Always make sure the chain is adjusted within the stated specifications.

Similar to belts, chain drive systems eventually will wear and require replacement. It’s important to inspect not only the chain but also the condition of the sprockets.

Sprocket Inspection
Inspect the front and rear sprocket teeth for wear or damage from foreign material. 

2. Closely inspect the drive chain condition. Examine the wear pattern. Make sure there is even wear throughout the sprocket. Look for cracks and missing teeth. Ensure uniform teeth size. Worn sprockets will have sharp cogs or teeth and be thinner than a new sprocket. When inspecting, look for teeth that have curled or have begun to exhibit abnormal wear patterns.

Drive Chain Inspection
1. Inspect the drive chain for excessive wear or sag, foreign substances (grit) or any other damage.

2. If any damage is found, the chain should be replaced.

3. If the drive chain or sprocket is being replaced because of damage, replace the chain and both sprockets as a set if the drive system has more than 5,000 miles (8,000 km) of use.

Drive Chain Adjustment
Lubricate the drive chain with Indian Motorcycle chain spray lube or an approved chain lube at the interval specified in the Period Maintenance Chart in your Owner's Manual. Lubricate more often under severe use, such as dirty or wet conditions. For more on the procedure, read FTR 1200 Drive Chain Lubrication and Adjustment.

Note that a rear axle not in alignment can cause drive line noise and damage the drive chain, causing possible chain failure and loss of control of the motorcycle. It's important to verify that the axle is full seated against the adjusters.

Place the motorcycle on its side stand when performing drive chain maintenance.

To adjust the drive chain:

1. Remove the e-clip (1) with a flat-blade screwdriver and loosen the axle nut (2) with a 36mm socket.

Drive chain adjustment diagram

2. Loosen both tension bolt jam nuts (3) on both sides with a 1/2-inch wrench.

3. Adjust the tension bolts (4) evenly on both sides until correct tension is achieved. See the chart below for proper tension. To minimize change in chain tension, use the right side adjuster only to make final adjustments to the chain alignment. Be sure to keep the axle seated forward against the axle adjusters during this procedure.

Drive chain specifications

4. Use the adjuster marks to ensure even axle alignment.

5. Without moving the tension bolts, tighten the jam nuts to 12 ft-lbs (16 Nm). Ensure the axle is pushed forward against the adjuster bolts.

6. Recheck chain tension and adjust accordingly.

7. Install the axle nut. Torque to 92 ft-lbs (125 Nm).

8. Install the e-clip.

For more information, see your authorized Indian Motorcycle Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.
Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
To find diagrams and replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog.

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