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The only factory authorized maintenance plan for Indian® Motorcycle

The highest standard of service. Ask for it by name.


Air filters created just for your bike.


Your bike's performance depends on having the best-fit drive belt.


Find the best lubricants for your unique bike.


Stock up on maintenance supplies.


Paint pens for scratches and chips that match your bike perfectly.


Lost your Indian Motorcycle service manual? We have you covered.


Your bike is only as strong as the components that build it. Find the best parts for your Indian Motorcycle.


Stock up on spark plugs so you can keep your bike running smooth all summer long.

Maintenance Tips & Resources

Behind every storied partnership between bike and rider lies a commitment to routine maintenance. At Indian® Motorcycle, we offer you the highest standard of service to keep your bike commanding the road year-round. Whether you need to change your brake fluid or adjust the tension on your drive belts, do it with confidence, backed by the only factory authorized maintenance plan for Indian® Motorcycles.


The dedicated engineers behind Indian® Motorcycle merged the essence of power and agility, designing components that make up a sublime riding experience. But all of the miles you’ll rack up down the road will take their toll. When the time comes, trust the industry-leading service technicians that built your ride by hand. We offer you the expertise, tools, and services you need to keep your bike on the road where it belongs.