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The Indian Scout is a bike built to be yours. Four curated collections: Commuter, Overnighter, Stealth and Open Roads deliver countless style, comfort and protection accessory options for your favorite types of riding. No matter the trip, we have a collection for you. 


The Commuter Collection is designed for practicality and comfort, ideal for daily transportation. The Syndicate Seat provides ergonomic support, paired with the Pathfinder 5 3/4 in. Adaptive LED Headlight for enhanced visibility. Pinnacle Mirrors enhance aesthetics and situational awareness, while the RAM® X-Grip® Phone Mount adds functionality for on-the-go communication. Extended and reduced reach handlebars and mid foot controls bring numerous riding positions to life for a perfect fit and increased control. Inclusive of Passenger Pegs enhancing overall weight distribution and optimizing passenger ergonomics by allowing passengers to maintain a relaxed and secure position, these accessories transform the commuter-style motorcycle into an efficient mode of transportation, balancing classic styling, enhanced comfort, and convenience for daily commuting demands.​


The Open Roads Collection features premium accessories crafted to enhance both comfort and functionality, ensuring an elevated riding experience on the long haul. Stylish yet refined, our Steel Front Highway Bars offer protection and allow attachment of other accessories. Illuminate your path with Pathfinder LED Driving Lights for enhanced visibility. Provide comfort for your passenger with the Syndicate Low Profile Passenger Backrest and Touring Backrest Pad for a cushioned ride. Find your perfect cruising position with Highway Pegs and enhance control with Rider and Passenger Floorboards. Each accessory brings a unique touch, prioritizing comfort for a ready-to-conquer-the-open-roads experience.​


The Stealth Collection boasts a premium set of accessories curated to further enhance the aggressive style and functionality of your Scout. Elevate your motorcycle's aesthetics with sleek Smoked Turn Signals, while Radial RS Mirrors by Rizoma® add sophistication and clarity. Seamlessly merge style and practicality with Bobber Saddlebags and add Blacked-Out Levers for enhanced control. Illuminate your path with confidence using the Scout Pathfinder LED Headlight and personalize your ride with 10 in. Moto Handlebar Risers and Moto Handlebars*. Each accessory in our Stealth Collection adds a unique flair, elevating your Scout's aesthetics to reflect your distinctive taste and style. ​

*Shown standard on Sport Scout, available as an accessory


The Overnighter Collection is tailor-made for medium to long-distance journeys, ensuring comfort for overnight stays at nearby destinations. The Solo Luggage Rack, a key addition, provides a convenient platform for riders to secure essential items, complemented by the protective All-Weather Vinyl Tail Bag. Enhancing both style and functionality, the polycarbonate 20 in. Quick Release Touring Windshield offers wind protection and reduced exposure to road debris, while the Rider Floorboards contribute to aesthetics and rider comfort. For extended adventures, Touring Bags expand storage capacity without compromising the classical design, transforming your motorcycle into a versatile and comfortable touring option.​


Transform your Indian Scout into a reflection of your unique style and riding preferences.


Enhance your riding experience with the Indian Scout – crafted to fit. A cruiser motorcycle that goes beyond the ordinary, allowing you to tailor your ride to perfection. Elevate your comfort and confidence on the road by personalizing key ergonomic components like seats, handlebars, and foot controls.


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