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eFTR Hooligan Maintenance and Operation

Battery Charging and Care
The battery is the most important component of your e-bike. Follow these rules to optimize your bike's life: 

  • Never use third-party or aftermarket batteries on your bike. 
  • Do not use more than one battery at a time.
  • Do not store a discharged battery. It could go into deep discharge, which will reduce its life.
  • Make it a habit to recharge at the end of each ride so your bike will always be ready to go again.
  • Even if the battery can withstand storage temperatures of 23°F - 104°F (-10°C - 40°C), you can optimize its shelf life by storing it at room temperature of 65°F - 75°F (18°C - 23°C).
  • Observe operating conditions between 40°F - 85°F (4°C - 30°C).
  • Do not leave your battery exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight for long periods of time (for example, on the back of a car in direct sunlight).
  • Please ensure that the contacts are always clean, and do not insert metal objects.
  • Do not dispose of the battery in your trash. There are proper disposal methods for lithium-ion batteries. Please check your local waste management regulations.
  • Do not open the battery. There is a risk of short circuit. Opening the battery will void the warranty. Protect the battery against mechanical damage, heat (in case of prolonged exposure to sunlight), fire and immersion in water. There is a risk of explosion. In case of damage and improper use of the battery, vapors may emanate. Keep children away from the battery.

Battery Charging
Charging the battery for 6 to 8 hours on the first charge is recommended. This will help condition the lithium-ion cells for optimal performance. 

The battery can be charged both mounted on the bike or separately from the bike. Two keys are supplied to unlock and lock the battery.

  • Plug the charger into a 120V wall outlet. (220V EU)
  • Connect the charger cable to the battery charging port.
  • Turn the battery on by pressing the power button. The battery is on when the power button is illuminated. The battery will not charge unless it is switched on.
  • The throttle is disabled during the charge sequence, and a charge icon will show on the display during the charging process.

When the charging process starts, the charger LED turns red. Once the battery is charged, the LED turns green.

  • Turn the battery off.
  • Remove the charger cable from the battery charging port.
  • Remember to put the protective cap back onto the battery charging port after charging to protect it from dirt and moisture.
  • Unplug the charger from the socket.

Always make sure there is plenty of ventilation and a dry, fireproof environment for the charger. Follow these operating instructions:

  • Do not leave the battery connected to the active charger for more than 48 hours.
  • Do not leave the charger connected to a socket for more than 48 hours.
  • Charge the battery and use the bike at least once every 90 days.
  • Do not store the bike for more than 24 hours with an empty battery. This prevents a deep discharge with irreparable consequences from occurring.
  • Do not use the charger if the charger, main cable or connector cable have any visible signs of damage.
  • After the battery is fully charged, the battery power button light will turn off and the charger indicator light will turn back to green. Nevertheless, make sure that the battery is not connected to the charger for more than 48 hours.

For more information on battery charging, watch SUPER73 Tutorials: Proper Battery Charging.

Battery Range
The maximum range of a full charge depends on many variables, such as age of battery, type of terrain and incline, rider weight, speed, outside temperature, driving style, amount of pedaling and tire pressure. 

Range in cold weather:

  • In case of extreme cold, the range of your electric bike is reduced. It is a normal physical process, and in no case a damage or defect of the battery. If you use your battery when temperatures rise, its energy will increase again.
  • We advise you to store the battery and charge it at room temperature during cold days. The power consumption warms the battery, and you benefit from a good battery life even when it is cold outside.
  • In winter, however, plan for shorter trips or pedal with a lower level of assistance.

Conditions that affect your battery's range: 

  • Temperature: Extreme cold and heat can affect the battery’s capacity.
  • Total Number of Charge Cycles: As the battery ages, total capacity can decrease. The battery has a total of 1,000 full cycles when it’s new.
  • Wind: Riding into a strong headwind can decrease range.
  • Road Conditions: Excessively rough or hilly terrain requires the consumption of more power.
  • Load: Carrying extra cargo on the bike or in a backpack will use more energy.
  • Rider Weight: Please observe the max weight of 325 lb (147 kg).
  • Repeated acceleration from a standing start.
  • Poor Maintenance: Under-inflated tires, mal-adjusted brakes, and a dry or dirty chain can decrease range.

Tips for Maximizing Range

  • Charge the battery at a comfortable temperature range between 65°F and 75°F (18.3°C - 23.9°C)
  • Lithium-ion batteries have no chemical memory, and it is not necessary to discharge the battery completely for the best performance. Charging a partially full battery will have no negative effect.
  • Maintain proper tire pressure and lube the chain regularly.
  • Operating temperatures between 40°F and 85°F (4°C - 30°C) will significantly increase range.

Bike Operation
Ensure the battery is fully inserted and locked into place before operating the eFTR Hooligan. Batteries that have not been fully inserted and locked can come loose during a ride and fall off. This may cause damage to the battery case and may cause a crash or injury.

Do not place the key inadvertently or any other metal object into the charging port as this can result in a short circuit and render your battery nonchargeable and in need of replacement This will void the warranty.

Note: Do not sit on a bike with the kickstand engaged. 

Powering the Bike
To power the eFTR Hooligan: 

  • Disengage the kickstand, grab the brake handle to engage the brakes and seat yourself on the e-bike.
  • Press the battery power button to turn the bike on.
  • Once the display screen is illuminated, the bike is on and ready to ride. 

power switch

Changing the Information View
Quick press the O button to toggle the information viewed on the display.

You can view: 

  • Speed (mph)
  • Range (miles)
  • Assist Level (0-4)
  • Total (miles)

speed display

Operating Lights
The eFTR Hooligan 1.2 model comes equipped with a front headlight and rear brake light.

  • To activate the front headlight, press and hold down the up ^ button on the display until the light illuminates. Follow the same step to turn off the lights.
  • The rear brake light will automatically illuminate when the headlight is powered on. The rear light will get brighter when the brake levers are engaged whether the headlight is on or off.

operating lights

Pedal Assist
To select your pedal assist mode, follow these steps once the display has been turned on and you are seated on the e-bike.

1. Press on the menu O button briefly to switch between display views until “Assist” appears on the screen.

2. Press the up ^ button to increase the pedal assist level. To decrease the assist level, press the down v button. Pedal assist ranges from 1-4, with 0 meaning pedal assist is turned off. The higher the level, the more electric assistance you’ll get and the less you’ll have to pedal.

  • Level 1 (ECO) - 25% Speed Power
  • Level 2 (TOUR) - 50% Speed Power
  • Level 3 (SPORT ) - 75% Speed Power
  • Level 4 (SUPER) - 100% Speed Power

3. Once you begin pedaling, the pedal assist sensor will activate the motor and you will begin to accelerate to the selected assist level. The display will revert to the previous viewing mode after desired assist level is chosen.

pedal assist

The brake levers are equipped with sensors that cut power to the motor when either of the levers are compressed. The eFTR Hooligan 1.2 employs a hydraulic brake systems.

The right lever will activate the rear brakes when compressed, and the left lever will activate the front brakes when compressed.

eFTR braking

Settings Menu
Hold down the O button on display to activate the settings menu.

settings menu

Settings include: 

  • Contrast: Display window contrast ranges 0 - 100
  • Units: Standard is set to mi/F
  • Position: Changes the orientation of display if it is on the left or right side of the bike
  • Backlight: Display backlight power ranges 0 - 100
  • Version: Software version of the system
  • Coin: Battery level inside display

Changing Ride Modes
Your e-bike is equipped with multi-class mode selection. The bike defaults to a Class 2 mode. It is the rider’s responsibility to follow local e-bike regulations. Be sure you are up to date with your local motor vehicle codes. See e-bike laws by state.

To change the riding mode, follow the instructions detailed in the mobile app controlling your display. Once in the app, you can change between the following riding modes.

  • Class 1: Pedal assist only at 20 mph max speed.
  • Class 2: Throttle operation and pedal assist at 20 mph max speed.
  • Class 3: Pedal assist only, at 28 mph max speed.
  • Off-Road Mode: Up to 2000 watts of power and throttle speeds above 28mph. Note: This mode is exclusively for riding off public roads and on private property.

More information on switching through multi-class modes can be found in the app section in your Owner's Manual. 

Turning Off the Bike
When you are done riding your e-bike, it is important to turn off the power properly.

Turn off the bike by pressing the power button on the battery. The light on the power button should turn off when properly powered down. The bike features an automatic shutoff when left idle for more than 5 minutes.

You can charge the battery while it’s on the e-bike or by removing the battery from the mount and charging it separately.

SUPER73 Tutorials
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For more information on the eFTR Hooligan and vehicle support, visit SUPER73 Support.
For more information, including maintenance tips and procedures, refer to the Owner's Manual
For customer support, call 1-949-649-4607 or email

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