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eFTR Hooligan Super73® App Operation

Your eFTR Hooligan can connect via Bluetooth to the Super73® app. In this video, we will walk through the process of downloading and installing the app, pairing and unpairing the app and how to operate the app. 

You can download the Super73® app on your device from the App Store® or Google Play®.

For first time setup, power on your eFTR Hooligan with the Super73® app open on your device. Your vehicle will appear on your device. Select your vehicle, and the pairing process will be complete. 

In order to pair a new device with your eFTR Hooligan, you first need to unpair the device currently associated with the vehicle.

You can unpair your device by following these steps:

1. Select the menu icon in the upper left corner.

2. Select the “Vehicle” page. 

3. Tap “Unpair Vehicle.” Then tap “UNPAIR.”

Your eFTR Hooligan is now unpaired, and you can pair a new device. 

Operating the App
Note: The Super73® app operates differently with the vehicle on and off. The video demonstrates how the app operates with the vehicle ON. 

With the eFTR Hooligan, you can select various speed class modes and pedal assist level options.

Pedal assist ranges from 1-4, with 0 meaning the pedal assist is turned off. The higher the level, the more electric assistance you will get, and the less you will have to pedal.

  • Level 1 (ECO) – 25% speed power
  • Level 2 (Tour) – 50% speed power
  • Level 3 (Sport) – 75% speed power
  • Level 4 (Super) – 100% speed power

Once you begin pedaling, the pedal assist sensor will activate the motor, and you will begin to accelerate to the selected assist level.

The speed mode is where changes can be made to the throttle input and increase max speeds. To change modes, hit the top left tab, then go to vehicles, select mode and choose between the four different classes.

  • Class 1 - pedal assist only at 20 mph max speed. 
  • Class 2 - throttle operation and pedal assist at 20 mph max speed. 
  • Class 3 - pedal assist only, at 28 mph max speed. 
  • Off-Road Mode - up to 2000 watts of power and throttle speeds above 28mph. Note: This mode is exclusively for riding off public roads and on private property. As the user, you are responsible for understanding your local laws and regulations and complying with them accordingly.

App Button Overview

  • Top right button: You can re-center the map to show your precise location. 
  • Top middle button: The play button, which will start your route. The play button can record your trip, provide details such as your average and top speeds, total ascent and descent information and minimum and maximum altitude during the ride. The play button also records your trip's distance and duration.
  • Top left button: The search button will show an overview of suggested routes and the distance of those routes, as well as the altitude change during those routes. 
  • Bottom center button: It will show your speed, pedal assist and headlight options.
  • Top far left button: You can find additional options, such as your map, dashboard, activity feed, vehicle, support, settings and quick links.
  • Dashboard button: You can see customizable detailed information about your bike and how it’s performing. For quick access to the dashboard, on your navigation page you can swipe up on the odometer. Swiping down will bring you back to the map and home screen.
  • Activity feed button: You can share your previous rides and previous ride information with other riders. 
  • Vehicle settings button: You have the option to unpair and pair a new bike, adjust the class mode of your current bike, customize the picture and name of your bike and get specific information on your vehicle. 
  • Support button: Quick and easy access to Super73® customer support with an email that’s auto filled with information about your bike. 
  • Settings page: Here you can personalize the app to your liking. Personalization includes adjusting units of measurement, the language, your profile picture and your name. You can also adjust your app display settings, view terms and conditions and sign in and out of the app. 

View more information on the eFTR Hooligan here.

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