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The Garage - Indian Motorcycle

Technology Accessories

Accessories with innovative, ride-enhancing technology

Scout Lighting

Bagger & Touring Lighting

Scout Lighting - Smoked LED Turn Signals

Scout Lighting - Pathfinder 5 3/4 in. Adaptive LED Headlight

Scout Lighting – Pathfinder LED Headlight

Bagger & Touring Lighting - Pathfinder Auxiliary LED Saddlebag Lights

Bagger & Touring Lighting - Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight

Bagger & Touring Lighting - Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight

Bagger & Touring Lighting - Pathfinder S LED Driving Lights

Bagger & Touring Comfort - ClimaCommand Rogue Seat

Bagger & Touring Comfort - ClimaCommand Classic Seat

Powerband Audio

Comfort Accessories

Accessories designed to let you pack for the long haul and improve your comfort

Scout Right Fit Accessories

Bagger & Touring Storage - Spirit Lake Luggage Collection

Scout Touring Accessories

Bagger & Touring Comfort - Low Profile Quick Release Passenger Sissy Bar & Passenger Pad

Bagger & Touring Comfort - Quick Release Trunk

Scout Comfort - 3-Setting Heated Grips

Scout Comfort - Quick Release Fairing and Fairing Bag

Scout Wind Protection - Low and Mid Wind Deflectors and Mount

Challenger Comfort - Slim Rogue Seat

Scout Storage - Quick Release Semi-Rigid Saddlebags

Performance Accessories

Accessories that will modify the overall look, sound, and performance of each engine

Scout Performance

Bagger & Touring Performance

Scout Performance - Exhaust

Scout Performance - Adjustable Piggyback Rear Shocks

Bagger & Touring Performance - Exhaust

Thunderstroke Performance - Forward Stage 1 Air Intake

PowerPlus Performance - PowerPlus Stage 2 Cams

Scout Performance - Stage 1 Shorty Slip-On Muffler & Air Intake

Scout Performance - Stage 1 2-Into-1 Full Exhaust System

Thunderstroke Performance - Stage 1 Slip-On Exhaust

Thunderstroke Performance - Stage 1 Oval Slip-On Muffler Kit

Thunderstroke Performance - Stage 2 Performance Kit