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The all-new Indian Scout sets the standard for American cruisers with the widest range of ride-enhancing technology riders demand. Available in three trim levels—Standard, Limited, or Limited +Tech. The Standard trim level gives you all the essentials you need for hitting the road. For riders who demand more control over their ride, the Limited and Limited +Tech trim levels provide class-leading amenities and function.

Scout’s next-gen electrical architecture means you can upgrade to any individual tech feature you want at any time.


Starting the lineup are three models with standard equipment: Scout Classic, Scout Bobber, and Sport Scout. Each of these models come standard with ABS, new LED lighting, and an analog gauge with newly introduced fuel level and fuel economy readouts – perfect for riders looking to get into the all-new Scout lineup at a lower price point. 


Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) automatically reduces brake pressure as needed to provide optimum braking control, reducing the chance of wheel lock-up during hard-braking events or when braking on rough, uneven, slipper or loose surfaces for a safe, confidence inspiring ride.


Delivering clean, powerful light, the Scout's LED Headlight projects more light on the road ahead and enhances the bike’s visibility to other motorists. In addition, enhanced visibility is provided via LED tail/brake light, turn signals, license plate light and indicator lights


Stay in the know on need-to-know information with an analog speedometer, digital tachometer, odometer, trip meter, engine temperature, and low fuel lamp


Limited Trim adds to the Standard Trim with the premium badging and the next level of usable technology. Traction Control provides confident, predictable handling in all conditions, while Cruise Control improves comfort when traversing long, highway rides. A USB Charger keeps riders connected, while three selectable ride modes, including Sport, Standard, and Tour, allow riders to adjust throttle response to dial-in their ride experience. Riders can choose from Scout Classic Limited, Scout Bobber Limited, and Sport Scout Limited


Traction control delivers maximum power to the road. In a straight line, the dynamic traction control monitors wheel slip and limits torque application to match allowable wheel spin in each ride mode for enhanced safety. Newly added cruise control allows you to set it and forget it for enhanced convenience on longer highway rides.


Enjoy the ability to power or charge electronic devices as you ride with a USB Charging Port. It connects to the bike’s wiring harness and conveniently positions a standard USB port into the bike’s instrumentation housing, ideal for powering or charging devices such as smart phones, GPS units, and more.


Easily adjust your ride via three ride modes, standard, tour or sport, controlled by a conveintly located button on the switch cube. Standard mode features a crisp throttle response and a well-balanced power delivery for responsive passing power and predictable, low-speed handling. Tour mode provides a smoother throttle response, ideal for riding with a passenger or for long touring rides. Sport mode is designed for situations in which an instant response is needed. Sport mode quickens the throttle response and has a more aggressive power delivery for increased acceleration. 


Limited +Tech Trim delivers an unrivaled Indian Scout experience. Continuing to build upon Standard and Limited features, Limited +Tech Trim introduces keyless ignition for convenient on-off capabilities and Indian Motorcycle’s 4” Display Powered by RIDE COMMAND to the Scout platform. This display offers a GPS system with turn-by-turn navigation, customizable gauge screens, ride stats and more to enhance the riding experience. 

To not only elevate the ride but ownership as well, unlock critical bike data with RIDE COMMAND+ connected services. Access industry-leading technology with Bike Health, Bike Locator and more so you can stay in tune with your Scout from anywhere. While these features are standard on 101 Scout and Super Scout models, riders can level up to this trim when choosing Scout Classic, Scout Bobber, and Sport Scout models.


For enhanced conveience, keyless ignition with key fob provides a clean look and a simple push button on-switch. This feature also offers a customizable code via the digital touch screen to start the bike in the event you don't have the key fob to get back on the road in any occasion.

4" Display Powered by RIDE COMMAND

Modern technology hidden in plain sight. The 4" round, touchscreen display offers modern-day tech, yet maintains a classic aesthetic disguised as an analog gauge. Access GPS navigation, ride stats, controllable ride modes, Bluetooth® connectivity and more.


RIDE COMMAND+ is available pre-installed with the Limited +Tech trim and offers one free year of connected services to level-up your ownership experience like never before. Unlock features like:
Remotely monitor your bike's fuel level, battery life, engine hours, ambient temperature and more for a confident start and finish to each ride.
Pinpoint where your bike is whether you're with it or not. Bike Locator gives you added peace of mind that your ride is right where you left it.
Mark your favorite spots on the map right from the Indian Motorcycle app and automatically sync them to your bike's display for easy access to your saved Waypoints.


Choose which technology upgrades are important to you and add them to the trim level of your choice. The all-new 2025 Scout Lineup was designed with plug and play architecture that can be upgraded via the factory Trim Levels or via accessories and add-ons. The design is optimized for accessories and electrical add-ons making upgrading easier your bike easier than ever.

Technology offered on standard, limited, and limited+tech trims on 2025 indian scout motorcycles