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Transporting a Motorcycle

If you must transport your motorcycle, follow these guidelines: 

  • Use a truck or trailer. Do not tow the motorcycle with another vehicle, as towing will impair the motorcycle's steering and handling.
  • Position and restrain the motorcycle in an upright position. If the motorcycle leans to one side, gasoline may leak from the fuel tank and result in a fire hazard or damage the finish.
  • Place tiedowns as wide apart as possible on the trailer or vehicle for best stability. 
  • Do not restrain the motorcycle using the handlebars.
  • Do not engage the side stand during truck or trailer transportation.
  • Loop tie-down straps (from the front) up and over the lower triple clamp, using care not to interfere with wiring and brake lines. Place tie-downs as wide apart as possible on the truck or trailer bed for best stability. 
  • For added security, additional straps may be routed around the frame between the fuel tank and the seat. Use care to not place the straps over wiring harnesses or evap lines.

Warning: Always follow the manufacturer instructions regarding strap weight limitations. 

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