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Formatting a USB to FAT32

The USB format necessary to update the software and maps depends on the model year of your Indian Motorcycle. 

Model year 2019 and prior vehicles require an FAT32 formatted drive with a maximum drive capacity of 16GB. Model year 2020 and newer vehicles require an exFAT® formatted drive with a drive capacity of 32GB.

Note: Be sure to move any files you wish to save to another location before reformatting your USB device. Any files will be erased when the drive is reformatted. 

Formatting to FAT32 on Microsoft® Windows
Note: Flash drives larger than 32GB cannot be FAT32 formatted. 

1. Plug the flash drive you wish to use into your computer. 

2. Open the File Explorer. 

 file explorer

3. Select the drive you wish to format.  

USB formatted

4. Right-click the USB Drive and then select FORMAT.

format USB

5. From the File System drop-down menu, select FAT32.  

4. Select START to begin formatting. Note: This may take a few minutes. 

Formatting to FAT32 on MAC®

1. Plug the flash drive you wish to use into your computer. 

2. Open the Finder. 


3. Open the Applications folder. 

applications folder

4. In the Applications folder, find your flash drive and select it. 

disk utility

5. In the Disk Utility menu, select your USB drive. Select ERASE. 

erase USB drive

6. Name the drive and select FAT32 format. 

7. Select ERASE to reformat. Note: This may take a few minutes. 

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