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Bags & Luggage

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What types of motorcycle bags are available for my bike?

Browse our selection of saddlebags, luggage bags, backpacks, backrest bags, rack bags, travel bags and windshield bags to find the right storage for your Indian Motorcycle. We make bags for all Indian Motorcycle models including Scout, FTR, Scout Rogue, Indian Challenger, Indian Pursuit, Indian Springfield, Chieftain, Chief, and Roadmaster.


What material are motorcycle bags made of?

Most of our motorcycle bags are made of genuine leather or all-weather vinyl for maximum durability and timeless style. We offer multiple styles and colors to match your bike’s look.


Are there weather-resistant options available for Indian Motorcycle storage bags?

Yes, Indian Motorcycle offers weather-resistant storage options make of all-weather vinyl or genuine leater to protect your belongings from the elements. Look for products with water-resistant materials and features, ensuring your gear stays dry even in challenging weather conditions.


Can I install Indian Motorcycle storage bags myself, or do I need professional assistance?

Many of our storage solutions are designed for easy installation with features like Quick Release spools, and detailed instructions are provided. However, for complex installations or if you're unsure, contact your local authorized Indian Motorcycle dealer to ensure proper fitting and for installation assistance.


Are Indian Motorcycle storage bags compatible with all models?

While many of our storage options are designed to be versatile, it's critical to verify the compatibility of a bag for each specific model. A compatible bag may require additional components like a backrest or Quick Release spools to be installed properly. Select your bike in the Shop by Vehicle section above to view products compatible with your motorcycle.


Where can I purchase Indian Motorcycle storage bags?

You can explore and purchase our storage bags directly from our official website. Additionally, authorized Indian Motorcycle dealers carry a selection of accessories.