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Scout Motorcycles

With an iconic style rooted in the 120-year history of Indian Motorcycle, the Indian Scout offers modern performance and technology that’ll welcome (and thrill) any rider.



Meet the Models

A Scout For Every Attitude


An Indian Motorcycle icon. Classic fenders and bodylines give the Indian Scout an iconic design that is perfect for the rider who appreciates timeless style.

Scout Bobber

For riders wanting a meaner, tougher expression of their style, the Scout Bobber lineup offers an old-school custom look that commands attention.

Scout Rogue

The Scout Rogue is the most aggressive and performance-minded in the Scout family - demanding attention and inspiring riders to express a bolder sense of self-expression.

The Story

The Story

man riding the original indian scout motorcycle in 1920


In 1920, the company released the first Indian Scout. This fast, reliable, maneuverable bike enticed many people to start riding.

rider sitting on a indian scout motorcycle


Fast forward over 100 years, Indian Motorcycle still produces the Scout. Whether a seasoned rider or a beginner, the Scout lineup welcomes any rider with confident handling and power.