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We Are Indian Motorcycle

We’re proud to be America’s First Motorcycle Company. In 1901, two fearless trailblazing innovators — George M. Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom — founded America’s first motorcycle company: Indian Motorcycle. They started by taking a risk and going all-in on something entirely new and unheard of to most Americans — the motorcycle. Their passion lives today at the core of our brand with a simple yet powerful vision.

Make The First Move

Make the first move

George M. Hendee, accomplished bicycle racer and manufacturer

Our Founders

We challenge ourselves every day to live up to the innovative spirit of our founders. Our mission fulfills their promise by pushing ourselves to be the driving force in creating what’s next for motorcycling.

Motorcycle manufacturer Oscar Hedstrom holding one of the firsts motorized bicycles

Our riders

If you're on two wheels, you're with us. Period.


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