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Touch Screen

Enhance Your Ride With RIDE COMMAND

Speed Limit Overlay

Riders can conveniently see the current legal speed limit on the 7 in display powered by RIDE COMMAND’s map screen or the Navigation split screens while routing to a destination.

Indian Motorcycle Ride Command app screen

Vehicle Locator

The vehicle locator feature provides riders with an added sense of security by being able to see the location of your bike the last time it was turned on right from the Indian Ride Command app or website. Available on motorcycles with 7 in displays only.

Stay Connected with RIDE COMMAND+

The Indian Motorcycle displays powered by RIDE COMMAND are available with RIDE COMMAND+. It offers a number of connected features that enhance the riding experience. RIDE COMMAND+ gives you the ability to take your on-bike navigation to the next level with features like weather, traffic and speed overlays as well as intuitive destination search. On motorcycles equipped with a 7 in display, RIDE COMMAND+ also gives riders unprecedented visibility through the mobile app or website with features like vehicle locator and remote health.

Avoid Traffic Backups

Avoid Traffic Backups: Ride Command GPS On The City

Make your rides more relaxing by eliminating frustrating traffic backups. RIDE COMMAND+ traffic overlay lets you see the issues before you get there and adapt on the fly.

Stay Dry On The Road

Stay Dry On The Road: Ride Command GPS On The Road

Being dry and safe makes any ride better. RIDE COMMAND weather overlay lets you see what is happening on the road ahead and reroute to avoid the weather.

Apple CarPlay®

Closeup of an Indian Motorcycle Apple Carplay screen

iPhone® users can easily access Apple Music®, Maps, send messages with Siri and more through the 7 in display powered by RIDE COMMAND and a supported Bluetooth® headset (not included) - all on a user-friendly interface that iPhone users will instantly recognize.

The Largest Touchscreen On Two Wheels

a couple of men chatting on the side of a bridge above a river. one of them sitting on his Indian motorcycle, the other standing next to it.

Our 7-inch display is the largest available on a motorcycle. The bright, high-resolution screen is positioned close to you, making it easy to read—and reach. And thanks to glove-touch technology, you can quickly get to what you want. Gloves on, or gloves off.

As Easy to Use as it is to Envy

Looking for more answers? These videos should cover it.

Connected Services on 2020 Indian Motorcycle Ride Command

Learn how to use the new connected services, including how to use the enhanced destination search, realtime map overlays, and the enhanced Ride Command account connection.

Customizable Rider Screens on Indian Motorcycle Ride Command

Learn how to customize your rider screens to display the information you want to see!

System Settings Overview on Indian Motorcycle Ride Command

Learn how to easily adjust the Ride Command display settings to best fit your needs.

New Features

The new Ride Command update allows you to plan a ride on your desktop, push the ride to your smartphone app and Bluetooth the ride to your bike. Check out how.

Bike Data

Update your Ride Command software to keep track of your Indian Motorcycle fuel level, oil life, tire pressure and battery charge.


The Indian Motorcycle Ride Command system allows you to easily pair your device to stream your favorite riding music.

Experience it Firsthand.

Impressed with Ride Command now? Wait till you experience it in person.

Indian Motorcycle Ride Command Updates