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These do-anything bikes are powerful but nimble, with an upright and comfortable riding position that provides agile handling and makes them suited to cruising around town, commuting, or winding through mountain roads. 

What Makes A Standard

rider casually rides through desert on an indian standard ftr motorcycle


With foot pegs right beneath you and wide handlebars at waist height, standard bikes offer a balanced riding position—aggressive when you need it or relaxed for casual rides.

rider takes sharp turn on an indian standard ftr motorcycle


Powerful liquid-cooled V-twin engines and responsive handling combine for an agile—and thrilling—experience.

side view displays details on a indian standard ftr motorcycle

Stripped-Down Style

There’s no fat to trim on a standard bike. Every detail and finish has one goal: a great ride.

Indian Motorcycle Standards


Starting at $12,999 US MSRP