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Standard Motorcycles

Standard motorcycles commonly referred to as naked motorcycles, feature an upright and comfortable riding position and agile handling suited to cruising, commuting, or winding through roads.

What Makes a Standard Motorcycle

With foot pegs beneath you and handlebars at waist height, standard bikes offer a balanced riding position.

Explore Standard Bikes

an Indian standard motorcycle with a v-twin engine and waist-level handlebars for increased power and ease of control

The V-Twin engine has a lot of character and low-end torque. With an emphasis on power output and exciting acceleration combined with responsive handling, riders get an agile and thrilling experience.


Professional rider on closed course. Do not attempt.

an Indian standard motorcycle with simple aesthetic and no fairings for a classic look

There's no fat to trim on a standard bike. With no fairing and minimal to no front body work, every detail and finish has one goal: a great ride. The bike has a fundamental simple and minimalistic aesthetic. Naked motorcycles are modernly styled while standard motorcycles appear more classic.


three Indian standard motorcycles with foot pegs for everyday use and commuting

Standard bikes are favored for their practicality in everyday street riding. These bikes aren't typically suited for extended road trips; instead, they find their niche as daily commuters in both urban and rural settings.



The type of rider that rides these types of bike is looking for the thrill every time they crack the throttle. They’re looking for a responsive bike with a lot of torque that makes daily riding both enjoyable and memorable.


Standard motorcycles can be a good way for beginners to get into riding motorcycles. They're stripped down, simple, versatile, and light weight making them easier to handle.


Guide to Buying a Motorcycle

Standard Motorcycles vs. Naked Motorcycles