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Indian motorcycle patches

Be proud of where you come from

The Owners Collection lets you show your Indian Motorcycle Pride, and is available only to Indian Motorcycle Riders members. 

What motorcycle riding gloves are right for me?

Riding conditions, special features, material, and personal preference will all factor in determining which riding gloves will work best for you. We offer full-fingered gloves, fingerless gloves, warm-weather and cold-weather gloves made with leather, vinyl, deerskin, and mesh in a variety of sizes to custom fit for your hands. Keep your toes warm too with our selection of riding boots great for protection from cold weather and debris.

Do Indian Motorcycle gloves offer protection features for riders?

Absolutely. Our gloves are crafted with rider safety in mind, featuring reinforced knuckles, palms, and other protective elements. Many of our gloves pass European personal protective equipment standards which are the highest standards on the international market. Check the product descriptions for details on the specific protective features of each glove model.

Can I access RIDE COMMAND or other touch screens while wearing riding gloves?

Yes, many of our gloves include features like tactile pads which make accessing RIDE COMMAND and touchscreens easy while wearing your gloves.

Where can I purchase Indian Motorcycle gloves?

You can explore and purchase Indian Motorcycle gloves directly from our official website. When you use the filter at the top, the search is automatically tailored for products guaranteed to your fit. Additionally, authorized Indian Motorcycle dealers near you carry a selection of accessories and apparel.