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Using Apple CarPlay® on RIDE COMMAND

Apple CarPlay® can be used on model year 2020 and newer Indian Motorcycle Chieftain, Roadmaster and Challenger models equipped with the 7-Inch Display with RIDE COMMAND. This allows riders to access their iPhone® through the familiar interface.

To use Apple CarPlay®, riders must download the April 2021 RIDE COMMAND software update. More on that procedure can be found in Updating RIDE COMMAND Maps and Software on Model Year 2020 and Newer Touring and Bagger Models and Updating RIDE COMMAND Software and Maps on Model Year 2019 and Older Touring and Bagger Models. If you need help with the download process, visit your Indian Motorcycle Dealer. To find a dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator.

To be compatible with Apple CarPlay®, your Indian Motorcycle must be a model year 2020 or newer bike equipped with RIDE COMMAND, as well as navigation and connected services. The requirements are an iPhone® 5s or later, iOS® version 12 or above and a SENA® headset. For more information, view the list of supported devices

Your phone must be plugged in with an iPhone®-compatible USB cable. Chieftain and Challenger models without navigation will need to add the accessory navigation package (part number 2884468) to enable Apple CarPlay®.

Note: Apple CarPlay® is not available on models older than model year 2020.

A Bluetooth®-paired headset is required to use Apple CarPlay®. SENA® headsets are the only headsets tested and approved by RIDE COMMAND. Other Bluetooth® headsets and earbuds may work with RIDE COMMAND but have not been tested. Therefore support cannot be offered for them. 

To listen to music through your headset, toggle the switch shown below on your touchscreen display. Toggle this switch again to listen to your music through the bike's speakers. 

headset toggle

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions to use Apple CarPlay®. 

Using Apple CarPlay®
To activate Apple CarPlay®:

1. Connect the SENA® headset to the display via Bluetooth®. For more information on pairing your headset, read Pairing Your SENA® headset

2. Connect the iPhone® to the bike with an MFi cable.

3. Apple CarPlay® will launch automatically.

4. Turn on "Allow CarPlay While Locked." In your iPhone®, go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > CARPLAY > ALLOW.

Phone settings

The Apple CarPlay® home screen on the RIDE COMMAND display will look like the one shown below.

Home screen

To view applications, scroll to the left or right.


To de-activate Apple CarPlay®, tap on the Indian Motorcycle icon on the Apple CarPlay® menu. This will take you to the RIDE COMMAND screen.

Ride Command icon
You can activate Siri® by holding down the HOME button in the bottom-left corner of the screen or by long pressing the PLAY/PAUSE button on the hand controls of your motorcycle.

If you are new to using Siri®, please read Apple's Use Siri on all your Apple devices article. 

A headset is required to access the Siri® function of Apple CarPlay®.

On the left of the screen, there will be three Recent Apps. There are three categories: media, navigation and communication/other. The most recent app that was used in each category will be shown in the bar. The order is dictated by the most recent criteria.

To change the order of the apps on the app home page, go to SETTINGS APP > GENERAL SECTION > CARPLAY SECTION > DISPLAY ID > CUSTOMIZE.

You can download third-party Apple CarPlay®-supported apps like Pandora®, Spotify®, Amazon Music®, Waze®, Google® Maps and others on your iPhone®. These can be used while riding within Apple CarPlay®.

Using RIDE COMMAND Hard Buttons within Apple CarPlay®
Your RIDE COMMAND display is equipped with five hard buttons: Rider Screen, Navigation, Controls, Device Manager and Audio.

Ride Command buttons

To get to the RIDE COMMAND rider screen (shown below), click on the RIDER SCREEN hard button or tap on the Indian Motorcycle app in Apple CarPlay®.

Rider screen

Press the AUDIO hard button to navigate to the RIDE COMMAND music screen if music was not initiated inside of Apple CarPlay®. If music is playing within Apple CarPlay®, pressing the AUDIO hard button will navigate you to the audio app playing music. You can change the music source from the SOURCE tab at the top left of the display screen. You also can change the volume levels while Apple CarPlay® is still initiated. To mute the audio, press and hold the MODE button or turn the volume all the way down using the volume decrease button. 

Press the NAVIGATION hard button to navigate to Apple CarPlay® maps. The Apple CarPlay® map will look like the one below.

Car Play map

The Apple CarPlay® map search panel looks like the one shown below.

Map search panel

Other navigation apps can be set as the default navigation app for Apple CarPlay®. Note that you can still track a ride on RIDE COMMAND if you are using Apple® Maps or other navigation through Apple CarPlay®.

Pressing the DEVICE MANAGER hard button always takes you to the phone app on Apple CarPlay®. 

Phone app

When viewing messages, select a message to hear from Siri®. You may choose to reply to the message using Siri®.


Troubleshooting Connection Issues
If Apple CarPlay® will not engage, try the following solutions.

  • Ensure that your vehicle's navigation package is active. Check for RIDE COMMAND and iPhone software updates.
  • Check cord integrity. Counterfeit cords may be less effective and wear more quickly. 
  • Open settings on the display to the screen regarding Apple CarPlay® and try to connect again.
  • If none of the above solutions work, redownload the latest RIDE COMMAND maps update and install it on the vehicle. Information about that procedure can be found in Updating RIDE COMMAND Maps and Software on Model Year 2020 and Newer Touring and Bagger Models
  • For additional assistance, see your Dealer

To learn more about RIDE COMMAND, visit the Indian Motorcycle RIDE COMMAND website.
To learn more about Apple CarPlay®, visit the Apple CarPlay® website.

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