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Indian Motorcycle Replacement Keys

Indian Motorcycle offers replacement key fobs for keyless ignitions and replacement keys, which must be cut to match an existing key.

Keyless Ignitions
Keyless ignitions use key fobs for the ignition switch, as well as saddlebag and trunk locks. If all key fobs are lost, see your authorized Indian Motorcycle Dealer for assistance. 

For more information, read Keyless Ignition Operation.

Read Key Fob Batteries to learn about when the battery needs to be changed and how to replace it.

Keyed Ignitions
Keyed ignitions use a physical key for the ignition switch, saddlebag and trunk locks. A replacement key can be cut to match an existing key. If both keys are lost, you must replace the ignition switch and lockset. See your Indian Motorcycle Dealer for assistance. 

For more information, read Keyed Ignition Operation.

If your key looks like the one shown below, you can find the key number stamped on the bow of the key. The proper replacement key is determined by the first digit of the key code. For example, in the key code 0221, the 0 would indicate keyway 0. For key code 1221, the 1 would indicate keyway 1. If both keys are lost or misplaced, the ignition switch and lockset must be replaced.

key code location

See your Indian Motorcycle Dealer for help identifying and replacing your key. 

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