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eFTR Hooligan Orientation

The eFTR Hooligan, part number 2889668, is an electric bike from Indian Motorcycle and SUPER73®.

eFTR Hooligan 1.2

The following video will provide a look at key features on the eFTR Hooligan.

The video includes looks at the: 

  • 0:17 Front of the bike (windscreen, headlight, headlight adjustment screws, front suspension forks, fork guards, travel indicator O-ring, front brake assembly)
  • 0:46 Left side of the bike (battery, battery charge port, battery on/off button, left pedal, sidestand)
  • 1:05 Right side of the bike (battery lock, right pedal, chain assembly)
  • 1:20 Rear of the bike (accessory plugs, brake light, brake assembly, drive motor)
  • 1:34 Left handlebar (front brake lever, brake reservoir, display with buttons)
  • 1:49 Center handlebar (accessory plugs, handlebar pad)
  • 1:57 Right handlebar (rear brake lever, brake reservoir, throttle lever)
  • 2:07 Serial number location and QR code

Bike Setup and Safety
For bike unboxing and set up instructions, read eFTR Hooligan Unboxing and eFTR Hooligan Setup. For maintenance and operation information, read eFTR Maintenance and Operation.

Always perform a pre-ride inspection before riding your bike. For more information, read eFTR Hooligan Pre-Ride Inspection.

For instructions on bike warranty registration, watch How to Register Your SUPER73.

E-bike Laws & Policies
For information on where you can ride your e-bike, view the SUPER73® State-by-State E-Bike Guides.

    For more information on the eFTR Hooligan and vehicle support, visit SUPER73 Support.
    For more information, including maintenance tips and procedures, refer to the Owner's Manual
    For customer support, call 1-949-649-4607 or email

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