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eFTR Hooligan Pre-Ride Inspection

Pre-Ride Inspection
Before operating your eFTR Hooligan, perform the pre-ride inspection as described in the Owner's Manual.

Read, understand and follow all of the instructions, warnings and safety precautions in the Owner's Manual and on all product labels. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death. 

1. Visually inspect the vehicle, looking for debris and worn components that may impair the vehicle’s operation.

2. Verify all cables and fasteners are secure and assembled correctly.

3. Check the condition of the tires, looking for any sign of punctures or damage and ensure there is a proper amount of tread depth.

  • Verify the tire pressures are set to specification.
  • Ensure the wheels are true.

4. Inspect the front suspension for leaks, debris and damage.

5. Move to the brake pads and rotors ensuring there is no corrosion, nicks or burrs.

6. Inspect the chain assembly for wear or damage and verify it is properly lubricated. Only bicycle chain oil should be used. Do NOT use motorcycle chain oil.

7. Operate the side stand and verify smooth operation. Note: Do not sit on the bike while the side stand is engaged.

8. Operate the throttle and brake levers taking note of any binding or sticking. There should be an obvious pressure point and the levers should not be able to touch the handle.

9. If the battery was removed, align the tracks on the battery with the battery bracket and slide the battery up until it clicks into place. If necessary, remove the key from the lock and pull the battery to ensure it has fully locked into place.

10. Power the bike on and verify the display turns on and functions properly.

11. Check the battery’s state of charge to ensure you have enough charge for your trip.

12. Ensure the headlight and brake light function properly.

13. Operate the handlebars from full left to full right to ensure smooth operation.

14. Ensure all riders are wearing the appropriate riding gear listed in the Owner's Manual.

For battery maintenance and bike operation instructions, read eFTR Hooligan Maintenance and Operation

For information on where you can ride your e-bike, view the SUPER73® State-by-State E-Bike Guides.

    For more information on the eFTR Hooligan 1.2 and vehicle support, visit SUPER73 Support.
    For more information, including maintenance tips and procedures, refer to the Owner's Manual
    For customer support, call 1-949-649-4607 or email

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