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We believe the choices you make define you. Since 1901 we've been the choice of riders who make their own rules. Choose Wisely.

Choose Wisely


The pioneering spirit that founded Indian Motorcycle drives us to this day. Our commitment to American craftsmanship is fueled by a passion for enduring quality that produces motorcycles sought after around the world. Those bikes and our iconic heritage inspire a rapidly growing rider community.

Owner Testimonials

Michael Belluso with his Indian Chieftain
“I’ve never really been a follower. I always do my own thing, and Indian Motorcycle is doing something a little different.”
–Mike B., Indian Chieftain
Estrella Alverez on her Scout Bobber
“On the streets, I feel like I get people's respect for having an Indian Motorcycle.”
–Estrella A., Scout Bobber
Max Breemer and his FTR 1200 Race Replica
“I feel comfortable being an underdog or riding the underdog. I feel comfortable doing that.”
–Max B., FTR 1200 Race Replica

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