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Keep Your Motorcycle Clean

Keep your Indian Motorcycle® clean between rides with the help of our motorcycle dust covers. Whether you ride a Chief®, Chieftain®, Roadmaster®, or another model, we carry an all-weather cover for your motorcycle model. Choose from our vast selection of motorcycle dust covers, including seat covers, travel covers, full covers, half covers and more. 

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Indian Motorcycle® Chief® Dust Cover
Indian Motorcycle® Scout® All Weather Cover
Indian Motorcycle® Chief® All Weather Cover
Indian Motorcycle® Roadmaster® All Weather Cover
Indian Motorcycle® Chieftain® Dust Cover
Indian Motorcycle® Chieftain® All Weather Cover
Indian Motorcycle® Chieftain® Travel Cover
Indian Motorcycle® Chief® Half Cover
Indian Motorcycle® Chief® Travel Cover
Indian Motorcycle® Seat Cover
Indian Motorcycle® Roadmaster® Travel Cover
Indian Motorcycle® Roadmaster® Half Cover
Indian Motorcycle® Roadmaster® Dust Cover

Protect Your Bike
Protecting your bike from dust and other debris when not in use is a key way to enhance the longevity of your ride. Our durable vinyl motorcycle dust covers are custom fit for Indian Motorcycle® and help protect your bike from the elements to ensure it’s clean and dry when it’s time to ride. Without a cover, debris and water can damage the finish of your motorcycle over time.

Convenient and Easy to Transport
Indian Motorcycle® all weather covers are easy to take with you wherever you go. If you’re on the move, shop our travel covers. Each all-weather motorcycle travel cover comes with a zippered storage bag that packs easily into the saddlebag.

A Custom Fit Designed for Your Indian Motorcycle®
Sure, there are plenty of generic and “universal” motorcycle dust covers out there, but are they designed to custom fit your Indian Motorcycle®? Without a snug and appropriate fit, dust and debris may find their way under the cover and end up defeating the purpose of having a motorcycle dust cover in the first place. Indian Motorcycle® is the only place you can find motorcycle dust covers that feature a truly customized design and fit. For the rest of your Indian Motorcycle® needs, visit our Accessories, Apparel, and Parts & Service pages for more ways to customize your experience.