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How to Use the Error Code Lookup

If your Indian Motorcycle is equipped with a RIDE COMMAND display, you can use the Error Code Lookup tool in the Indian Motorcycle Account Experience for more information and guidance on what to do when an error code is displayed. Please note that the Error Code Lookup only works with error codes from vehicles equipped with RIDE COMMAND. 

To access the Error Code Lookup, log in to your Indian Motorcycle Account. Click on ACCOUNT in the upper-right corner to log in. 

Account location

Next, navigate to the MY GARAGE tab. 

My Garage tab

If you have more than one vehicle in your Garage, click the vehicle that is showing the error code. Note: If you skip this step, the error code lookup tool cannot be accessed.

vehicles in garage

Once your vehicle has been selected, scroll down to the Error Code Lookup and click LOOK UP CODE. 

error code lookup tool

A pop-out window with a search bar will display. Enter your error code. Error codes often begin with a P or C followed by four characters. Click SEARCH. 

The issue and consequence will display, as well as a recommended course of action. If you need to find a dealer near you for assistance, click FIND DEALER and enter your location. 

error code lookup

To translate an SPN or FMI error code from a standard instrument cluster or gauge, contact your Indian Motorcycle Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator.

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