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eFTR Hooligan Unboxing


Required Tools and Supplies

5mm Allen Wrench
(Included in Tool Kit)
10mm Wrench (Included in Tool Kit)
Utility KnifeSide Cutter
Panduit Straps (as needed)Safety Glasses & Nitrile Gloves

Note that contents inside the box for this video may be packaged differently from the final design.

To unbox your new eFTR Hooligan, follow these steps.

1. Begin by cutting the yellow bands surrounding the box with a utility knife.

2. Remove the four plastic tabs at the bottom of the box by pulling out the entire D-ring tab.

3. Lift the top lid of the box completely off the bike and bottom portion.

4. Locate the charger and assembly tool kit and set aside.

5. Remove the battery box from the packaging.

6. Support the bike and open the cardboard tabs on the front lower portion of the box to lay the tire insert down.

7. Roll the bike out of the box and engage the side-stand to prepare the bike for assembly.

8. After removing the bike from the box, take inventory of the contents inside and verify items are not missing. Reference the Owner's Manual for the list of contents.

9. Your bike is equipped with a tool kit that includes a 9mm and 10mm dual open-end wrench, 13mm and 15mm dual open-end wrench, 5mm Allen wrench and spare accessory fasteners. 

10. Charge the battery before first use.

a. Begin by plugging the charger into a wall outlet.

b. Open the charger tab on the side of the battery.

c. Align the arrow on the charger with the alignment mark on the battery.

d. Continue by inserting the charger and turn the battery on to allow the battery to fully charge. When fully charged, the indicator light on the charger should turn green and the battery will turn off. This can take between six to eight hours for the first charge.

e. If charging the battery on the bike, the display will provide the state of charge percentage.

f. Once fully charged, ensure the battery is turned off and remove the charger.

g. Reinstall the battery charging port cover and ensure it’s fully seated.

h. Continue by unplugging the charger from the wall outlet.

11. Move to the handlebar clamp and remove the four fasteners with a 5mm Allen wrench. 

12. Remove all foam on top of the handlebar area.

13. Continue by supporting the handlebar and removing the Panduit straps, ensuring not to put stress on the attached cables. 

14. Ensure the cables are not twisted and place the lower crossbar of the handlebar into the groove of the handlebar clamp.

15. Loosely cross-tighten the handlebar clamp to temporarily keep the handlebar in place. 

16. Continue by removing all remaining foam and plastic wrap from the bike with a utility knife. 

17. Using panduit straps and side cutters as needed, secure the front and rear accessory plugs to ensure they do not rub on other components or pinch.

18. Remove the red tag on the handlebar.

After unboxing your eFTR Hooligan, you are ready to set up the bike. For bike setup instructions, read eFTR Hooligan Setup. For maintenance and operation information, read eFTR Hooligan Maintenance and Operation.
For information on where you can ride your e-bike, view the SUPER73® State-by-State E-Bike Guides.

    Watch How to Register Your SUPER73® for warranty registration instructions. 

    For more information on the eFTR Hooligan and vehicle support, visit Super73 Support.
    For more information, including maintenance tips and procedures, refer to the Owner's Manual
    For customer support, call 1-949-649-4607 or email

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