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eFTR Hooligan Setup

Required Tools and Supplies
5mm Allen Wrench
(Included in Tool Kit)
5mm Allen Socket
10mm Socket9mm and 10mm Dual Open-End Wrench (Included in Tool Kit)
13mm and 15mm Dual Open-End Wrench (Included in Tool Kit)15mm Crow Foot
Tire Pressure GaugeTorque Wrench
10mm WrenchSafety Glasses & Nitrile Gloves

Note that some features and parts shown may not be present on this model and may not represent production bikes.

Be sure to read all assembly instructions in full before beginning the build of your new bike. Do not ride a bike that has not passed the safety verification, as described in the pre-ride safety check in the kit instructions. 

To setup your eFTR Hooligan, follow these steps.

1. Loosen the handlebar clamp fasteners enough to adjust the angle of the handlebar to the rider’s comfort.

2. Using the 5mm Allen wrench included in your tool kit, cross-tighten the handlebar clamp from corner to corner ensuring the clamp is tight and the handlebars do not move.

3. Torque the fasteners to 53-71 in-lbs (6-8 Nm). 

4. Loosely install the provided washers and fasteners into the underside of the upper triple clamp. Leave enough room to later slide the headlight and windscreen bracket into place.

5. Using the 9mm and 10mm dual open-end wrench included in your took kit, slide the headlight and windscreen assembly onto the fasteners and ensure the assembly is square and facing straight. Ensure no cables are pinched between the assembly and the bike.

6. Using a 10mm socket, torque the fasteners to 53-71 in-lbs. (6-8 Nm). 

7. Before continuing, turn the handlebars from full left to full right and ensure the cables are not pinched between the headlight and windscreen assembly. 

8. Align the arrows on the headlight connectors and connect the cables. Ensure the connections are fully seated.

9. Identify the left and right pedal by finding the “L” or “R” on each pedal.

10. Using the 13mm and 15mm dual open-end wrench included in your tool kit, install one pedal on the corresponding crank by tightening it until fully seated. The right pedal should be turned clockwise to tighten and the left pedal should be turned counterclockwise.

11. Using a 15mm Crow Foot, torque the fastener to 15 ft-lbs. (20 Nm). 

12. Repeat this process for the remaining pedal.

13. Inflate the tire to a max pressure of 35 PSI and ensure the tire is fully seated on the rim.

14. Once properly seated, deflate the tire to a recommended 27-30 PSI (1.86-2.06 bar). PSI will vary based on the weight of the rider and type of terrain.

15. Repeat this process for the remaining tire.

16. Align the tracks on the battery with the battery bracket and slide the battery up until it clicks into place.

17. Ensure the battery is fully seated.

18. To remove the battery, insert the key and twist to unlock the battery.

19. Slide the battery down to remove.

For battery charging instructions and tips, read eFTR Hooligan Maintenance and Operation.
For information on where you can ride your e-bike, view the SUPER73® State-by-State E-Bike Guides.

For more information on the eFTR Hooligan 1.2 and vehicle support, visit SUPER73 Support.
For more information, including maintenance tips and procedures, refer to the Owner's Manual.
For customer support call 1-949-649-4607 or email

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