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Removing and Installing Soft Saddlebags

Do not exceed the weight limit of each saddlebag. Always distribute weight evenly in each of the saddlebags. Refer to the saddlebag/cargo warning label on or near the saddlebag for cargo capacity.
The soft bag capacity is 15 pounds (6.8 kg) of cargo per side.

Soft Bag Removal
. Unbuckle the saddlebag lid clasps and open the lid.

2. Flip the two quick-release latches upward.

3. Tilt the saddlebag away from the fender and lift upward to remove it from the spools. Warning: Improper saddlebag installation can result in loss of control, accident and driving hazards for other motorists (if saddlebag falls from the motorcycle). Always make sure saddlebag mounting brackets are fully seated onto the spools before engaging latches. 

4. To reinstall, place the soft bag in position. Make sure the saddlebag mounting bracket (2) is seated fully on the spool (1). Make sure the rubber bushings on the latch pins are fully engaged in the spools.

5. Engage the quick release latches (3) and flip them fully downward.
Leather Saddlebag Latch

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